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Dealing with Your Ex-Wife

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Deciding When to Lend Money to Friends

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Getting Rid of Your Partner’s Insecurities

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Hooking Up With Your Ex

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Managing Your In-Laws

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An overview of the 10 essential items that every man should have in their closet. With this advice your wardrobe will look great for any and every occasion.
10 Essential Items for a Man’s Closet

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How Texting Works
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Bar Essentials for Every Man

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Beer Essentials

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Male Bonding
Tips on How to Keep The Balance In The Work Place
Boss or Bud? Tips to Maintain the Boundaries

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Male Bonding
Coaching Kids Sports
Coaching Kids Sports

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Communicating With Your Ex
Communicating With Your Ex

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Managing Finances After a Divorce

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Pros and Cons of Friends with Benefits

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boundaries for your kids
Setting Limits for Your Kids

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How to Plan a Great Anniversary

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Is it Time to Remarry?

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Communication Differences Between Men and Women

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