An overview of the 10 essential items that every man should have in their closet. With this advice your wardrobe will look great for any and every occasion.
As a man, you are often requested to attend a variety of events. These events can range from the most casual night out with friends to the most formal of work functions. A man’s closet should contain all the necessary items to make smart style decisions that suit each event's individual requirements, spanning all levels of formality. Contrary to popular opinion, a well- stocked closet does not mean opting for the most expensive brands and materials. Put simply, with a few essential items, your wardrobe will have you looking good no matter the occasion.

So here are our top 10 must-haves to make sure your closet suits your needs:

  • A plain white T-shirt. A white T-shirt is always a dependable choice when it comes to casual, non-office wear. It suits almost everyone, and it goes with every color of jeans and pants. It also offers a blank canvas if you're hoping to make another part of your outfit a centerpiece.

  • At least two pairs of jeans. Just like a white T-shirt, your wardrobe will not be complete without owning at least one pair of good jeans, and two pairs is an even safer bet. Jeans are comfy and will always stay in style no matter what. They'll suit almost any top, from a classic white T-Shirt to an office button-up. Jeans are the perfect item for dressing up or down.

  • A blazer. A blazer is necessary for all your office and semi-formal to formal occasions. Pair a blazer with a classic white, grey, or black shirt, and you will always look polished for any office appearances or meetings. Blazers are even versatile enough to wear when going out for the night.

  • A dark leather jacket. A dark leather jacket will give you that attractive “rebel” feel while still looking polished. A jacket of this sort complements all men, especially those below the age of 40. It’s suitable for both casual and semi-formal occasions, a perfect choice when going for a night out with your buddies.

  • A white shirt and a black shirt. When it comes to semi-formal occasions, like work or attending an event, white shirts and black shirts are must-haves – they suit any color or style of pants or ties, and you can’t go wrong with that. Pair these up with a leather jacket for a more modern look or with a good quality blazer for a polished and elegant one.

  • A black and white striped tie. Although the latest fashion trends don’t necessarily feature ties and bow ties, they are always a classic choice that will make any man look well-groomed and polished. This is especially true at formal gatherings, like a big corporate event or the wedding of a friend – a good tie will take your outfit to the next level. If you don’t want to worry about conflicting patterns and restrictive colors, opt for classic black and white stripes.

  • Grey socks. Grey is the new black – it’s not too light nor too dark, and it suits almost any shoe you’ll wear. It may look boring on its own, but it’s a foolproof solution for matching your socks and shoes for a cohesive footwear appearance.

  • Lace up leather boots. Lace up leather boots are another versatile item that suits a variety of different occasions and styles, from casual chic to office wear, and even to formal events. They make any man look polished and suit men all the way from their early twenties into their sixties.

  • Sneakers/running shoes. It’s not rocket science why you need a good pair of sneakers/running shoes. For all casual and sporty activities, from working around the house to hitting the gym to any other running around you may have to do, these shoes are crucial. As an added bonus, sneakers/running shoes are known for being comfortable, and they will protect your feet from strain.

  • A hoodie and a sweatshirt set. When it comes to casual days and nights, in or out, there is nothing more comfortable and versatile than a good hoodie or a sweatshirt. They're perfect for doing chores, hitting the gym, or just keeping warm.

A well-styled closet is the key to a well-styled man. Having these essential items will help you make better wardrobe choices and keep you looking sharp, no matter the audience.

Good luck!