Essential Tools Every Man Needs to Have
The only difference between men and boys is their toys. We’re guys. From an early age we learned to love our tools. As we get older, this doesn’t change although the tools do. The following is a list of 10 tools that every man needs to have. Be prepared, we’re taking away your man card if you don’t have at least 7 of these:

  1. Leatherman multi-tool. Like a pair of pliers and a Swiss Army Knife had a baby, the Leatherman is a versatile multi-tool that can be used at work, around the house, or in the outdoors on a hunting or fishing trip. What’s more, it folds up and slips into a carrying case on your belt.

  2. A Good Pair of Boots. Whether you work in a shop or like to camp on the weekends, a good pair of work boots are a must have for any man.

  3. Cast Iron Cookware. Whether you love to cook or you just have to do it from time to time, a good cast iron skillet can be used to cook just about anything a man wants to cook. Cast iron is rugged, doesn’t need to be washed with soap, and if properly cared for can last a lifetime.

  4. A good pocketknife. Something with a nice, two-inch blade that folds and locks. Good enough for most around-the-house jobs but also a great addition to a hunting or fishing kit.

  5. Cordless drill. For small home repairs or bigger outdoor projects, a good contractor grade cordless drill will provide all the power you need.

  6. Socket Wrench and Set. Ideal for working on cars or home projects, a socket wrench is flat out useful. The added bonus of making a man-pleasing clickitty-clack sound when in use is just icing on the tool cake.

  7. A Set of Allen Wrenches. If you plan on putting together furniture, setting up electronics, or working on a bicycle, Allen wrenches are a must-have. They’re a specialized tool so they won’t be used every day but you’ll be happy you have one handy when the need arises.

  8. A Butchers Block with a Good Set of Knives. The tools of the kitchen, a set of good knives are a must-have for any man who wants to show off his culinary skills. Women love a man who can cook, guys. Write that down.

  9. A Shoe Shine Kit. Shoe shining is a lost art. Revive it. You can buy pre-stocked kits or start building your own. The ability to buff your own leather dress shoes to a high gloss shine is about as satisfying an experience you’ll ever have with your shoes off. Maybe.

  10. Portable Jump Starter for the car. It’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it and if you find yourself with a dead battery you will be thankful you have it. It also works well for helping damsels in distress so, added bonus.

Tools come in many shapes and forms and building up a collection of useful tools takes time. Get a jump on your list by making sure you have these 10 essentials and you’ll be well on your way toward an impressive collection.