Father/Son NFL Success Stories
  • | November 12, 2016
There’s nothing quite like the bond shared between a father, son, and football. Getting to the NFL is a hard enough task that most of us share the game around a television while sitting in the couch. A few times history has graced us with a father/son duo that hit the gridiron. Here are ten of those times.

  1. The Lucks:  With a name of “Luck”, how can you not be good at the game? Father Oliver was the quarterback for the Oilers. His son Andrew is the current quarterback for the Colts. Growing up around NFL locker rooms has certainly prepared the young Luck for the big time!

  2. The Tatupus:  The elder Mosi spent fifteen years as a running back and fullback for the Patriots and the Rams. His son, Lofa, was a linebacker for the Seahawks and his nephew Joe played for the Jaguars as a linebacker. That’s keeping it in the family!

  3. The Suheys:  Although Steve only played two seasons with the Steelers, his son Matt played ten seasons with the Bears. Gotta outdo the old man somehow!

  4. The Matthews:  Talk about a dynasty. Clay Matthews, Sr., played for the 49ers as an offensive tackle before going into the business world. His sons Bruce and Clay Jr. also played. Bruce is a hall of fame offensive lineman, while Clay Jr. was a linebacker for both the Browns and the Falcons. HIS son, Clay Matthews III, is a linebacker for the Packers. The youngest Matthews has often remarked how football is in his blood. You only have to look at him to know something genetic is going on!

  5. The Pynes:  Grandfather George II only played one season with the Providence Steam rollers, but his lineage continued the tradition of professional football players. His son George III played in the AFL, and his grandson Jim went on to play for four different NFL teams, the Buccaneers, the Lions, the Browns, and the Eagles.

  6. The Shulas:  Don was a coach for 36 years as well as a defensive back for the Colts, Browns, and the Redskins. His son Dave was a wide receiver for the Colts and Dave’s brother Mike played for the Buccaneers before turning to coaching.

  7. The Chickillos:  Back when the Cardinals were in Chicago, Nick played as their linebacker and guard. His son Tony played for the Chargers, Jets, and Buccaneers and his grandson, Anthony, is currently a linebacker for the Steelers.

  8. The Longs:  Superstar dad Howie played 13 seasons with the Raiders before turning to acting and then as a sports analyst. His sons also play professionally; Chris first started with the Rams before playing for the Patriots and Kyle plays for the Bears.

  9. The Hasslebecks:  Don Hasslebeck played for four different teams, the Patriots, the Raiders, the Vikings, and the Giants as their tight end. Both of his sons, Tim and Matt, are quarterbacks. Tim retired after playing with eight different teams and is currently an analyst, while Matt most recently served as the backup for Andrew Luck of the Colts.

  10. The Mannings:  Dad Archie Manning was the quarterback for the Oilers, Vikings, and Saints, while his sons Eli and Peyton carried on his legacy. Peyton recently retired after 18 seasons and two Superbowl rings (Colts and Broncos), while Eli has won two of his own with the New York Giants. Third brother Cooper, kept out of the NFL for medical reasons, was always rumored to have been the best athlete of the bunch!