Grooming Tips for Men
  • | October 5, 2016
Caring for your appearance isn’t just a women’s thing. As a man, you also want to always look your best, both for yourself and for others (and especially for the opposite sex). As such, there are some simple grooming habits every adult male should practice on a regular basis.

Here are the 5 most basic tips for effective grooming and appearance management:

  1. Practice good hygiene. You may look like a million bucks from far away, but if you look or smell up close like a homeless guy who can’t even afford to pay for a bar of soap, people will naturally avoid you like the plague. If you don’t want to be labeled “Stinky Joe,” make sure you take care of your personal hygiene and always make an effort to smell nice, from the bottom of your feet to your morning breath. This includes taking showers on a regular basis, brushing your teeth at least once a day, and wearing deodorant. A clean, suave look will make others feel comfortable approaching and spending time with you.

  2. Wash and moisturize your face. Skincare is not and should not be a strictly female grooming habit – men have skincare needs, too. If you don’t want to end up with issues like acne and wrinkles appearing at a young age, it would be a good idea to put together a skincare regimen suited to men and to your particular skin type. Most major cosmetic brands like L’Oreal and Clinique are now carrying skincare lines for men, and a kit that contains all the basic things you need is a good investment for your skin. Take some time to learn about what your specific skin needs are, and purchase products that suit those needs. Be cautious if you have certain skin sensitivities or allergies – aggravating those issues can, of course, have an opposite effect than the one desired. It will take a bit of trial-and-error on your part to find out what works, but once you do, you'll be set for life with clean, clear, healthy-looking skin.

  3. Shave on a regular basis. A clean, polished look will help you appear more trustworthy and professional to others, so if that's your grooming goal, make sure you shave at least twice a week. You can also maintain a small, carefully polished beard and moustache without losing that professional vibe. If you want to grow out your facial hair as a matter of preference, you may lose a little bit of that professional appeal, but you can also develop a more unique aesthetic that may be more fitting to your personal stylistic goals. Whatever your aim is with your facial hair, it's important to keep up regular shaving habits to avoid looking like you've just walked out of a cave.

  4. Take care of any stray hairs. Stray hairs anywhere are rarely a good sign, and you can easily get rid of them by trimming them or using special products to remove them. Whether you're looking at your face, head, chest, or elsewhere, this rule really applies to any kind of body hair. If you don’t want to look uneven or untamed to others, make a point of removing any stray hairs. For more difficult to manage hair, a wax or similar form of hair removal might be a place to start.

  5. When necessary, shape your eyebrows. If you have naturally thin or blonde eyebrows, there is no need to pluck them; in fact, you may end up looking like an alien if you do so. However, if you have naturally dark or bushy eyebrows that need to be tidied up, consider trimming or plucking them just enough to improve their shape. You don't want to get overzealous and thin them too much or you may end up looking a bit odd. Remove the hairs that look out of place to create a cleaner, more well-defined shape.

Whether you're trying to create a professional, modern, or edgy look for yourself, some habits should remain universal. Taking care of the most basic grooming essentials will not only make you appear more desirable, but it will also help you to meet whatever stylistic goal you're trying to achieve. Even if you're the lumberjack-type with flannel and a full beard, you can still make yourself look put together as long as you simply follow the tips above.

Good luck!