The best way to experience a smooth, hassle-free relocation is to start preparing a month or two before your actual move. Unfortunately, there will be instances where some people will only be given a few weeks or even only a few days to plan their move.  Although the short notice will get a lot of people reeling, if you find yourself in this inconvenient situation, don’t panic; with the help of the best moving company, you can still move to a new city or state without forgetting to pack or do anything important.

Here are five steps that will help you hurdle through a last-minute house move:

  1.    Find your removalist: The first thing you have to do when preparing to move in a short amount of time is to find and hire the right moving company first.  Spend a few hours researching for a reliable moving company. Get in touch with several companies first and ask for quotes. Make sure you inform them about your moving date and ask them if they have an available truck and staff on that day.  Ask each company about the other services they offer that you may need. Many moving companies offer packing and even cleaning services. You will save a lot of time and effort if you choose to get help from your mover by doing all these.  Lastly, although your budget may be the number one factor you will consider for hiring your mover, make sure the one you choose is really dependable and operates according to high professional standards.

2.    Get all your packing supplies together: Before you start removing items from your drawers and cabinets or disassembling your appliances, buy all the packing supplies you need first. These include:

  • Different-sized boxes
  • Packing tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Soft paper or packing tissue
  • Markers

It is also best that you get more than your estimate of boxes and other packing supplies you need. This way, you can avoid wasting precious time going out to buy more boxes or other things you may realize you need in the process.

  3.    Purge: Once you have your packing supplies, focus your energy on packing your belongings. You will have an easier time doing this by getting rid of as many items as you can. Keep in mind that when you have fewer possessions, you will devote less time for packing them.  Getting rid of some of your possessions, though, doesn’t mean you should throw them all away. When sorting your belongings, place the items you won’t be keeping under three piles: to give away, to donate, and to throw away.  Next, take the time to distribute the first two piles to your friends, family or neighbors, and a local charity. And when cleaning your home or as your hired professional cleaner tidies your place up before moving day, make sure the items you will throw away are in garbage bags, ready for collection.

  4.    Get help from your family and friends: Don’t want to spend all your remaining hours in your current home sorting and packing? Ask your family and friends to help you with some of your pre-moving tasks.  Having your family and friends help you with sorting the items you won’t keep will take a weight off your shoulders. You can even tell them to take some items they like or need. You can also ask them to pack some of your non-fragile items and to help with disassembling some of your furniture.  Even if they will only spend a few hours helping you out, they will make all the pre-move work go faster. You will be able to bond with them while they are in your house as well.

  5.    Stay organized and focused: Finally, to avoid feeling overwhelmed and to do as many things as you can pre-move, focus on all your tasks at hand.  You can ensure you will stay focused on preparing for your move by creating a moving checklist. This list should include all the tasks you have to do before moving day.  To be certain you don’t forget anything or do anything twice (which are heavy time-wasters), tick off each task as you complete it.  In addition, when you buckle down for work, concentrate on completing all tasks. Eliminating distractions such as turning off your phone or the TV will help you do all these things faster and more efficiently.  With some help and by working extra hard, you will cope well through a last-minute house move. And you will be 100% ready to start a new life in a different place.