How well do you know your wife?
As a married couple, you likely have shared plenty of intimate moments. It’s hard not too when you share a bathroom. But ask yourself do you really know your wife? Do you wonder about her past, her fears or her dreams? Do you feel like sometimes you don’t know her? Or are you a genius when it comes to all things about her? Take this quiz and find out!

This quiz is for informational purposes and not meant to function as a diagnostic tool.

Could you name all your wife’s best friends?

If your wife asked you to run to the store and pick up some “feminine products” for her, would you know exactly what to get?

Do you know what things she wants to accomplish in life?

Do you know ways to instantly calm down your wife when she’s upset?

How well can you read the signs and signals of when your wife is annoyed or upset by someone who is NOT you?

Can you list off people your wife doesn’t really like?

How often would you say you do something that makes her upset or angry?

If you were to ask her how well she thinks you know her, what would her response be?

Can you list off the things she’s accomplished that she’s proudest of?

Do you know all her favorites (e.g. favorite color, favorite band, favorite food, etc.)?

Can you name off her pet peeves?

How well received are the gifts you give her?