About Us

Let’s face it — If you’re like most people, you can use some help with your relationships. And whether it’s your connection with your girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, kids, relatives or friends, there’s a pretty good chance it’s just a matter of time before something gets screwed-up.

Dawghoused is a place where you can get no-BS advice and tips on how to stay out of trouble in your relationships — and get out of trouble when things go sideways.

At Dawghoused, you’ll find practical solutions to maintain, enhance — and sometimes mend — all sorts of personal relationships.

In addition to helpful articles and useful advice, Dawghoused offers a range of resources — including spot-on greeting cards, and gifts for times when saying, “I’m sorry,” isn’t enough. And you can download the invaluable Dawghoused app — your pocket personal assistant that keeps you on top of all the important details to successfully manage your relationships.

Dawghoused was created by a group of individuals who have plenty of life experience — maybe too much experience — getting in and out of trouble. We want to help you learn from our mistakes. (You can thank us later. Better still, join the Dawghoused community and share your story so other Dawghousers can learn from you!)

Stop getting banished to the back yard or garage for bone-headed mistakes or forgetfulness. (No offense — we’ve been there.) Check out Dawghoused today and start strengthening your relationships and having more fun!