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  • The key to a truly epic man cave is not in how many large, inflatable foam fingers you can collect but in putting together a well-stocked bar for any social event.

    Whether you’ve got a full wet bar (you lucky thing, you) or a simple booze cart, there are a few things that every man needs to get his drink on during poker nights, Sunday football, or more.

    1. Whiskey.  Absolutely no man bar is complete without this most manly of liquors.

    Has a friend recently gone broke and asked you for a money loan to cover their expenses? Before you rush to say "yes" or "no," it’s wise to ask yourself these questions:

    • Is my friend really in need?

    • Do I trust my friend to repay me?

    • Can I afford the amount asked for?

    • For a large amount of money, can I proceed with the lending officially via a legal agreement?

    Answering the above questions truthfully,

    When your junk food cravings start to hit, it’s hard to resist the temptation, right? Whether you're a bachelor or in a committed relationship, cutting down on junk food is essential both for your appearance and your health. This is especially true if you are a husband or father and must lead by example. While it's true that junk food can become addictive, and maybe already has, the good news is that there are ways you can learn to effectively control your cravings to the point where they no longer

    Philandering husbands, two timing boyfriends, and just plain, thrill seeking cheaters who’d chase anybody in a skirt are a dime a dozen; they’re all around us. In fact, it’s not unlikely that you and I could be two of them. Blame such behavior on cultural and social factors, blame the ever-rising testosterone levels, blame the presence of sexy, attractive women wherever you go, or blame Mother Nature for making us men the way we are.

    The idea of dating two or more women at the same

    What woman doesn't delight in hearing something nice about herself? Some men tend to hesitate and shy away from paying women compliments. Maybe it's the fear of sounding insincere, disingenuous, or even patronizing. Whatever your reason, you need to get over it. Compliments are a good way to let your love interest know your affection for her and make sure she knows you've got her on your mind. That way, maybe she'll keep you on hers.

    Here are some compliments that are sure to make

    Well the relationships over and it’s time to move on but for some reason or another you have to communicate with your ex. Maybe there’s children involved or maybe there’s legal proceedings still in play.  In any case, you want to keep your interactions as civil and focused as possible to avoid any confrontation. Here are 7 quick tips on communicating with your ex.

    1. Keep it focused. Whatever you have to discuss, keep things on topic. The

    Making a mistake at work is inevitable. Nobody is perfect and you’re bound to make a mistake from time to time. It’s important to handle the situation with as much professionalism and resect as possible and sometimes that can be a challenge, especially if we don’t think we did anything wrong.

    The work apology is a tricky situation as you are almost always making it to your boss. Obviously a problem has occurred and making apologies can be a difficult task, but there’s

    Whether you’re married or living with a girlfriend you will eventually be told to clean the house. For men, this is usually where we wind up getting ourselves into trouble. Let’s be honest, most of us are just pretty bad at cleaning.

    If you want to avoid a fight later on it may be a good idea to learn what your lady’s expectations are when she asks you to clean the house. Living with someone means you are in a partnership of sorts and you’ll have to pull your weight from time to

    For men and women alike, there are times in life when our motivation to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle starts to fade. Odds are that at some point, your wife will fall into this common trend. This, of course, will negatively impact her physical appearance, but more importantly, it can result in other health-related issues. If you want your wife to start working towards being more fit in an attempt to keep her healthy and happy, you'll want to go about the process delicately so as to avoid hurt

    As a man, you may be filling multiple roles at once. These roles can include a father, a partner, or a professional. Each role has its own duties, and when trying to balance those duties, it’s easy to lose momentum and become disorganized. Rest assured this is a familiar feeling that most everyone has experienced at least once in life. Before you start to stress about it, take the time to figure out what exactly you need to get organized, and identify ways keep up with your busy schedule.


    Dating can be a lot of fun. If you’re an old pro, you’ll agree the thrill of the chase can be exhilarating. From the initial encounter to the go-to moves, the dating process is exciting. However, dating a single mom is something entirely different. A single woman, as can be expected, will date trying to find for someone who suits her personal needs and desires. For a single mom, however, it’s a parent and child affair. In fact, oftentimes it is the child’s opinion that comes first. So when

    There’s a very popular song that goes, “Breaking up is hard to do.” And in that simple statement, reality is captured. These partings of ways can leave you deflated and crushed. One can get caught up in a downward spiral or choose to move on. If you are to the point of moving on, then it’s time to put yourself back on the market and start taking the necessary steps to re-enter the dating world.

    Here are some guidelines to help you step up your dating game after a breakup:

    You may or may not agree, but some experts say love alone isn’t enough to keep a relationship going. Other elements like communication, trust, understanding, maturity, compromise, cooperation, faithfulness, respect, and love-making all play an essential role for a relationship’s success. A lack of one or more of these factors could cause a partner to become insecure, jealous, or clingy. Before this starts to erode you relationship, it's important to try to find ways to help her overcome the negative

    It was once said that Adam and Eve were the luckiest couple in the world because neither one had a mother-in-law. No wonder their story was described as “living in paradise.”

    Seriously speaking, a lot of married couples go through life with in-law problems and issues, commonly stemming from perceptions that they are critical of you and your spouse or that they simply don't like you. But just because you’re not getting along too well with them doesn’t mean you have an unhealthy

    Texting’s been around for quite some time now, but it still feels kind of new and uncharted for a lot of guys. And justifiably so – even people who feel comfortable doing it are still often lacking certain skills when it comes to texting women.

    So why is texting so hard? Well, to put it simply, there are some fundamental differences between talking in person and texting someone – there’s no eye contact, there’s no body language, the context and the perspective of what’s being