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  • You’ve worked hard all year and a new position has opened up. It would mean new responsibilities, a new title, and of course, a nice raise. You’re ready for this new opportunity, a promotion could really mean good things are ahead for you.

    Everyone wants to be promoted but not everyone puts themselves in the best position to be promoted. Whatever your industry, your goal is to make yourself promote-able and these 5 tips will help give you a good shot

    Here’s something that doesn’t get talked about very often, at least between males. How much thought do you actually put into bathroom etiquette? If you are like most men, the answer might be that you didn’t even know such a thing existed. Well, it does, and it is very important to many women. Now, let’s look at some tips that can help to keep you out of the proverbial doghouse when it comes to using the bathroom.

    Here are our five tips for better bathroom etiquette:

    Barbecuing is a time-honored tradition among men. There is something primal about working over the grill preparing tasty, delicious meats for your family and loved ones. While many men excel at barbecue, others struggle with some of the ins and outs of proper barbecuing. When done right, barbecue can hold its own against nearly and kind of food preparation method.

    There are several books, videos, and guides online that delve into all kind of barbecuing methods, here are some BBQ basics

    Nothing screams “man” more than the smell of rich, smoky meat on the grill. The rich, flavorful aromas of beef, chicken, pork, and even seafood wafting across a summer’s day are enough to make any mouth water with excitement.

    As men, we are at home standing in front of the fire, tongs in hand. As summer approaches, it’s time to delve into our BBQ essentials and get the lowdown on all the delicious necessities that go into barbecuing.

    1. Smoked Salts. 

    So you like beer? Welcome to manhood. Few things in a man’s life are as pleasing as a nice, cold beer after a long day’s work.  Many men like beer but not all of us know a whole lot about it. The rise in craft beer popularity in recent years has ushered in a whole new era of beer drinkers and the choices are more varied than ever before.

    There’s a lot to know about cold, delicious beer than just the taste. Here’s a few beer essentials every man needs to

    People love spending their time and money on discovering new and interesting items to add to their lives. This is where subscription boxes come in. Each month you spend subscribed to a particular brand, you'll get a box containing a variety of goodies to enjoy. If it's getting close to an important date with your special lady, like a birthday or anniversary, there are dozens of these subscription programs available that may offer some fun and easy gift ideas.

    If you want to give

    It’s great to get along well with your boss and other co-workers but sometimes in an effort to promote workplace comradery, the lines between manager and employee can become blurred.  An awkward, tense work environment can result when the boundaries are not respected and cries of favoritism and special treatment can only make things worse. If you are the boss, it is your responsibility to maintain order and set the standard for your employees to follow.


    When you're a guy with no real fashion sense, buying clothes for your special lady can be a bit of a challenging task. With such a vast variety of trends, styles, and preferences spanning all aspects of fashion, it can be fear-inducing trying to purchase something she'll actually like and be interested in wearing. If you don't know the first thing about style but still want to pick up something your girl can feel good in, there's hope for you yet.

    Here are some tips to help you

    Coaching kids’ sports can be a great way for a parent to get involved in their child’s life and share a bonding experience. It can also put a lot of pressure on children and cause unnecessary tension in the family and even the community as a whole if you let things get out of hand.

    If you’ve decided to coach a local youth sports league, great! It’s easy to get caught up in the fervor of competition so here are a few tips to keep in mind to help

    IF you’re a man, no doubt you own cologne. It’s a billion dollar a year industry with scents and styles as varied as can be imagined. Like many men, maybe you received your first bottle from your father or grandfather. It’s a rite of passage for many men as time-honored as “the talk” or sharing your first beer.  In any case, cologne is a fine thing when used properly and sadly, many men today don’t know the rules to the game, so here are some do’s and don’ts when

    Nothing lasts forever. Your girlfriend has turned into an ex-girlfriend. Regardless of who’s fault it is you may be forced to deal with them as an ex and that can be difficult, hurtful, and awkward at times.  Breaking up is never a pleasant thing which is why we’ve put together these 6 tips to dealing with an ex for you to draw on the next time you realize you’re both invited to the same wedding or other situations.

    1. Whenever possible, take the

    If you’ve ever been tested for an STD, you know it can be nerve wracking when waiting to receive the results. It is even more nerve wracking dealing with a positive STD test. Fortunately, modern medicine has made dealing with sexually transmitted diseases far more manageable than it was in the past, however there is still work to be done if you find you’ve tested positive.

    Finding out you’ve contracted an STD is an unpleasant experience and hopefully one you won’t

    One of the best things you can do for your child is to help them develop a strong work ethic. Perhaps more so than anything you teach them, the manner in which they approach their work or any task can have a strong impact on their life as adults. Everyone complains about “kids these days” being lazy or entitled. Here are some tips to help keep your child from being lumped into that group.

    1. Start early. As with many

    So you’re on the prowl and you’ve got a date, guys. Good for you. Let’s talk a little strategy here. You want to make a good impression, of course, but you also don’t want to come off as though you’re trying too hard. First dates are important. In fact, studies show that first dates are the leading cause of second dates. Whether your re-entering the dating world or been in the game for a while, it always helps to have a few tips along the way. Presented

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, childhood obesity has more than doubled in the past 30 years. Childhood obesity has been linked to prediabetes, higher risk of cardiovascular disease, bone and joint problems, and more. Obese children are more likely to become obese adults and the long-term health effects can be frightening.

    Whether your child is overweight or you simply want to set them on the right path towards being a healthier,