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  • Well, here’s a fun topic: friends with benefits!

    We all know what it is. We’ve seen movies about it, heard and told jokes on the subject, etc. How many of us get to try it, though? Not many – even among playboys, it’s not something that happens too often. Because while being friends with benefits with someone sounds quite cool and interesting, it’s also a bit intimidating and not without good reason. Here is our list of the pros and cons to help you decide if it's time to take

    Few things are as fun and “American” as the “road trip.” Whether an after college experience or a bachelor party excursion, traveling with your buddy can be a fun, even life changing experience.

    But before you get too far ahead of yourself, remember that there are ground rules when it comes to planning a great road trip. Keep these helpful tips in mind if you want your road trip to go off without a hitch.

    1. Engage in Straight Talk and Planning. Guys

    From time to time you may find yourself crashing at a friend’s house. This may be due to a heavy night of partying that leaves you unable to drive, bad weather keeping you from heading home, or even a fight with the wife.  Crashing at a friend’s house can be an uncomfortable situation for everyone involved and it’s hard to be truly comfortable when you’re outside the comfort and familiarity of your own bed. Here are some ground rules to follow if you find yourself occupying

    Inevitably, setting limits for your kids is a challenging process that all parents have to face one way or another. As a father, it’s common to be unclear about the best methods for disciplining your kids. But is there really a right or wrong way to do it? The answer is yes.

    If you want to set limits without resorting to strict, harsh, or authoritative tactics, here are some techniques to help you along:

    1. Make a plan. Having a plan

    A lot of men like a bit of alcohol, right? But how do you know if you've crossed the line from an average drinker to an alcohol addict? Drinking problems can stem from a variety of issues, both psychological and physical, and can lead to serious problems with your overall health. Often, it can be difficult to recognize your drinking problem on your own. However, there are a handful of indicators that may point you toward that conclusion and encourage you to seek the help you need in order to enjoy

    When you become a single father, it can be a very scary time. You don’t exactly know what this means for your relationship with the children that you love so much, and you probably aren’t aware of the rights that you have. Let’s look at some of those rights, and what you need to do to maintain them. Keep in mind that the decisions of the court could play a factor, and in those cases, your best course of action is to talk with your attorney.

    Here are the things you need to

    When people fall in love, they never expect that one day, they might actually fall out of love, but it happens with alarming frequency. You and your partner might have the best intentions when you get together, believing that your sugarcoated, fairytale dreams can come true and that the happiness can last. However, real life often gets in the way and treads on those dreams. The relationship falls apart. It’s never any fun, but when there are children in the mix, things can be far more complicated.

    Complimenting your wife is something completely different than complimenting a date or a recent girlfriend. It’s different than complimenting any other friend or acquaintance, really. This is because your wife’s been with you for quite some time now – basically anything beyond a couple years of marriage changes the game entirely.

    So what’s the trick to it? Well, for starters, almost none of the clichéd lines you’d give to a date will work with your wife, unless the intention

    When heading out to college it’s important to remember that higher education is about learning and preparing yourself for the next chapter of your life. It’s also about partying and meeting girls. Let’s not forget that part.

    The dating scene in college can be intense and for many of us who’ve never been away from the watchful eyes of our parents, it can lead to some bad decisions. Forget what you’ve seen in college-themed movies. That’s fiction. Here’s the reality.


    So you're really into your new girlfriend, but you can't bring yourself to say you love her. Maybe you're just not feeling it yet or maybe you have your own fears and insecurities about saying it. Rest assured that there are more subtle but equally as meaningful ways to express your love to her.

    Here are some ways to show your affection without coughing up that four-letter word:

    1. Support her decisions. If your girlfriend expresses

    Ah, the friend zone: the mythical beast that slays so many young men. Let’s tackle it once and for all, shall we?  First off, maybe it’s good to define “getting away from the friend zone” because it can actually happen in several different ways:

    • With a quarrel – this is obviously a worst case scenario.

    • Success! She’s fallen in love with you, and you live together happily ever after!

    • You remain just friends. Not “best” friends,

    It happens to virtually everyone: your energy levels are not always at their best, and you experience these infamous energy crashes that make you almost want to forfeit what you're doing and get back to sleep. As a man, your daily energy levels need to remain at their highest peaks to carry out various duties.

    If you find yourself feeling lethargic and you want to raise your energy levels, here are some tips to reach that goal:

    1. Make sure

    Few things are more awkward than sitting your teenage son down to give him the dreaded “talk.” These days it might seem like movies and the internet can do that job for you but having “the talk” is a time honored tradition that hasn’t lost its luster and is still an important part of parenting.

    Because movies and the internet are so flush with explicit information is precisely the reason why discussing the birds and bees with your son is even

    Talking to women, whether to your wife or to your girlfriend, is a hard enough challenge for most men, but it’s far from being the only one. As a father, there's a conversation even harder to navigate : talking to your son.

    But why is that? After all, men are just overgrown boys, right? Well, that’s part of the problem. The connection between boys and their fathers can often be much stronger than that of fathers and daughters, precisely because both sides see themselves in the other.

    Confidence: That darned word we keep hearing from women but so often feel we can’t put into practice the way they want us to. And the whole bunch of stigmas surrounding the dating scene doesn’t help either – it’s getting increasingly difficult for a lot of men to feel confident when talking to women, even if they feel confident in all other aspects of their lives.

    So how do we change that? Well, for starters, we need to understand what “confidence” actually is. It’s not some