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  • The average American household has over $130,000 in debt. Just under $16,000 of that is in credit cards. Let that sink in for a minute. Over 100K in debt.

    Financial security is something we all aspire to attain but is sadly easier said than done. The average cost of living has increased at a pace that surpasses income levels by 26% in the past 12 years making it difficult for the average Joe to get a grip. These top 10 money tips will give you some helpful

    You think you’re a good friend? You might be, but do you really have your bro’s back when it comes down to it?

    Let’s look at the top 10 rules of having your buddy’s back:

    1. When It Gets Messy, Get Dirty. Sometimes, guys get into situations where common sense and “talking it through” simply don’t work. Maybe someone said something to your friend that was offensive, or maybe someone else was just looking for a fight. This

    So you’re playing the “Sweet guy” card, eh? Cute messages throughout the day can make your special lady feel good and brighten her day. And it won’t exactly hurt your chances later that night either. Since you don’t want to do all of that work, we’ve done it for you. Some of these are cute, others a bit spicier. Here are the top 30 quotes to message your girlfriend throughout the day (though not all in the same day):

    1. Just wanted you to know I was

    The “wingman” is a time honored tradition and one of the most important roles you will play as a friend. When heading out on the town to meet some ladies, all men in the group become wingmen for the other guys. It’s this kind of back having that can lead to a good night for all.

    In this way, It’s not necessary to “designate” a wingman but if you do, or even if not, there are some things to know in order to do your job correctly and be the Goose to his Maverick. Except for the

    So, tonight’s the big night. That young, sexy copywriter from the ad agency on the 34th floor finally said yes to a dinner date. With the way things are playing out, tonight holds a promise of a truly great evening. Unless, of course, you bungle it up by saying the wrong things. Dating can be a lot of fun, but if you're not careful with the way you handle that first dinner, a fun night can easily become awkward or uncomfortable, and you can kiss any chance of a second date goodbye. Be

    Guys, when your wife becomes pregnant there are a whole lot of things you should and should not be doing. One of the things you’ll get to encounter is breastfeeding and that, in and of itself, comes with several do’s and don’ts.

    Your wife’s breasts might be awesome but they’re more important now than for what you usually use them for. Breastfeeding is sometimes murky territory for men, often only vaguely encountered in public or in movies and

    For women, saying “I love you” can be a big step in a relationship. As men, let’s be honest, it tends to not be as big a deal of a deal. Still, it’s important that we treat the situation with the respect and care it deserves and with her feelings in mind. This can be an important turning point in your relationship. Try not to mess it up. So she said “I love you.” What to do next?

    There are a lot of ways this can go down, guys. It’s important

    Has your wife started hinting that she’s not thrilled about the job that you have? Maybe she’s not the type of woman that hints at things. Maybe she came right out and said that she thinks you should find a new line of work. Now, it’s natural to become a bit defensive when you hear something like this, and you might initially bristle when she tells you so. You might even get into an argument.

    Here are the top things to do and think about when she’s asking you to get a new

    Is your wife's spending habit becoming unmanageable? Does she spend money on unnecessary items or even spend money that she doesn't have? If your wife can’t get her hands on cash without immediately spending the funds and you're both in debt, there is obviously a problem there. The question here is: How can you effectively handle this situation without sabotaging your relationship?

    Here are some tips that will help you address this problem in a healthy way and restore your financial

    With most engagements and weddings happening during late spring or early summer, chances are your anniversary is quickly approaching. Whether it's been two years or twenty, most women like and appreciate romantic gestures, so why not plan a great anniversary surprise to celebrate the time you’ve been together?

    Of course, the place and activities you choose will depend on your availability, budget, and tastes. If you don’t have the time and money to splurge on your anniversary, find

    Being a stepfather can be a real challenge at first. You'll likely have a lot of questions: What exactly is my exact role as a stepparent? What are the boundaries I need to abide by in my interactions with my stepchildren? How can I make my transition into their lives as painless, comfortable, and healthy as possible? Rest assured these questions and concerns are perfectly natural when entering the role of a stepparent.

    To put your mind (and your household) at ease, here are

    While family vacations are fun, not all couples have an easy time traveling with their children. Bringing kids on a trip can be a complicated, stressful process, especially if they're under the age of twelve. However, taking your family on vacation can be a good learning and bonding experience, so it's best to get a handle on the process early to make all later trips easier to manage.

    If you want to make family trips pleasant for you, your partner, and your children, here are a

    Caring for your appearance isn’t just a women’s thing. As a man, you also want to always look your best, both for yourself and for others (and especially for the opposite sex). As such, there are some simple grooming habits every adult male should practice on a regular basis.

    Here are the 5 most basic tips for effective grooming and appearance management:

    1. Practice good hygiene. You may look like a million bucks from far away,

    According to many studies regarding the matter of male and female sleeping patterns, such as those published by Krishnan and Collop, females tend to sleep more hours and have better sleep quality than males. Men's quality of sleep can be compromised for various reasons; excessive working hours, family time, stress, heath issues, and traumatic events, like a recent death or divorce, can all contribute to poor sleeping habits. Unhealthy sleep can lead to other physical and psychological problems, so

    When you have small kids running around and want to spend some time getting intimate with your wife, it’s hard to find the right balance between your roles as a father and as a husband. As a parent, not only do you not want your children to catch you in the act, but you also don't want to shirk your parental duties. On the other hand, you and your wife both have needs to be addressed.

    If you don’t want to sacrifice either of these roles, and if you hope to maintain your status