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  • If you're reading this, you've likely been through a failed marriage at some point in the past. Whether you divorced one year ago or ten years ago, the time will come when you start wondering whether getting married again would be a good idea.

    Before you jump into another marriage, here are some basic questions you should ask yourself to make sure this is the right decision for you:

    1. Am I ready to do this again? They say the vast

    Do you ever wonder how some couples maintain a happy relationship for the long haul, even after many years of being together? When the honeymoon phase of a relationship wears off, that initial infatuation two people feel for one another will either fade away or develop into a deeper bond; this is the point when they fall in love. Once you find yourself in love, however, how do you keep that feeling alive?

    If you're in a relationship with that special someone and don’t want

    When your wife or girlfriend makes more money than you, it’s natural to feel a bit intimidated, uncomfortable, or disempowered by the situation. Up until a few decades ago, societies tended to be more poatriarchal in nature, and men were expected to be the primary providers for the household. Of course, times have changed as more and more women entered the workforce, and they now have the potential to earn more than their partners and meet their financial needs entirely on their own.


    When you've said or done something unkind to your partner, whether intentionally or otherwise, it’s natural to feel ashamed and guilty over your actions. Don't ignore the incident, brush it off, or try to minimize it – odds are if you feel badly about what happened, it's because you know you've hurt your significant other. If you want to patch things up and avoid adding fuel to the fire, there are more effective ways to deal with the situation than simply saying, “I’m sorry.”


    The right friends, great attitude, and DIY gear is the perfect formula for an awesome camp-out. But before you hit the road there are some important Camping Tips and creative hacks to make your camp more memorable.


    1. The more you know, the less you need. Make time to practice essential skills like building a shelter and starting a fire in all types of conditions. These skills can save your life.

    2. Poisonous plants usually have

    After the wedding bells have stopped ringing many married couples, unfortunately, stop dating. Before marriage, our whole purpose in life is to impress our partner, so the creative dating ideas are flowing out our minds effortlessly. Whereas after the “I do’s” we walk out the wedding halls like Ethan on Mission Impossible. “Mission Accomplished!” But the dating principle isn’t about impressing each other. It is meant to facilitate getting to know each other while spending time in each

    She’s from Venus, and you’re Mars, no doubt about it. Most times your communication skills have to go as far as reading her mind. But no matter if you are the perfect couple or the worse; there is always room for improving communication with your wife. In this article, I will share with you tips you can use today to have better communication with your wife.

    1. Be Honest! About everything; from the girl you may be attracted to right down to where you are

    “She has to be the one!” But before you fall to deep in love you need to be aware of the red flags in your relationship that will send you running out the door. Love isn’t blind but in case you can’t see the signs, I will share with you the obvious and not so obvious signs that your girlfriend is bad news.

    1. Bad Relationship with Her Family Especially her Father. Research has shown that women with bad or no relationship with their dads tend to have a

    Wow! You’re a dad! This bundle of joy is your long awaited baby. You are excited to be the best dad ever. But before you put on your super dad cap, there are some mistakes new dads can make and how you can avoid them.

    1. Falling Asleep Holding Baby. Put your little one in the cripple to sleep or go for a walk with him/her. I used the prom and went for short walks with my son. The walks helped me stay awake, and the stroll rocked him to sleep.

    2. Trying

    There’s something intriguing about office romances. It’s can be tempting to seek out the “forbidden fruit,” but there’s also a sense of foreboding about it. Perhaps it’s because many companies frown upon these relationships. Or perhaps it's because you've heard endless horror stories about the potential fallout of such a relationship. Across the board, there is a lot to consider and new rules to live by if you choose to take this dive. Here are the guidelines to keep in mind

    Whether you’re married or living with a girlfriend you will eventually be told to clean the house. For men, this is usually where we wind up getting ourselves into trouble. Let’s be honest, most of us are just pretty bad at cleaning.

    If you want to avoid a fight later on it may be a good idea to learn what your lady’s expectations are when she asks you to clean the house. Living with someone means you are in a partnership of sorts and you’ll have to pull your weight from time to

    Are you going to be going on a trip with the entire family? If so, this article can provide you with some simple tips that will help to make travel easier on you and everyone in the family.

    Traveling tips that all families need:

    1. Plan Carefully and Involve the Kids. Think about your trip and find a place to visit that is going to be fun and interesting for the entire family. It’s a good idea to get the kids’ input at the very

    What’s the honest answer to this? It’s very simple. When she says to clean the house, then you clean the house. She’s not your maid and she doesn’t have to pick up after you. You are a grownup and you should act like one. That means cleaning when you need to clean. However, that doesn’t mean that the cleaning should always fall just on you. If you are in a relationship, it’s really a partnership, and that means the both of you have to put in effort to make it work. If she’s not cleaning

    When a relationship ends there are many things to consider. How does this affect your living situation, your children, pets, possessions, and even your friends?

    It’s true, your friends can and will be affected by your breakup and it’s important to consider their positions as well when navigating through a divorce. Divorce can be messy and your friends will inevitably be drawn into it, if only marginally. Here are a few tips on dealing with the effects

    You never thought it would happen to you. It happens to other people, sure, but not you. You were so sure this would last forever and that you weren’t like those other couples that wind up cheating on each other.

    Unfortunately, infidelity occurs in many couples. Some are able to move past it while others end in disaster. Nobody plans for infidelity and they can find it difficult to know what to do next when it does happen. The important thing is to remain