Quiz Am I A Bad Dad?
Do you know what kind of dad you are? Are you a tough and gruff Red Forman father, or are you more of a Mike Brady type? Although no dads are perfect, there’s a few levels to consider. Let’s see where you land.

A lot of dads don’t like enforcing rules. How strict are you when it comes to house rules?

Would you rather that your children fear you, or respect you?

In your arsenal of parting tools, do you utilize guilt?

How committed are you to projects? Do you finish one first before moving on?

When your child asks for something, do you always give it to them?

As a parent, how do you view trust in terms of your children?

How available do you make yourself to your children?

If you have more than one child, do you try to be impartial?

Sometimes dad does know best, but do you make every single decision for your child?

How materialistic do you tend to be?

If your child is in their room with the door closed, how do you react?

How much do you rely on your children to take care of you?