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Other Gift Ideas to Calm the Waters:

1-800-FLORALS: The quick and easy way to say your are sorry. You can choose your “mea culpa” from elegant roses, fresh flower bouquets, blooming plants, and fruit and goodies baskets.

Bonsai Boy of New York: Giving a bonsai tree as a gift is a gesture of respect and a harbinger of good fortune. They symbolize harmony, honor, patience, as well as happiness among friends and family. Translation, Bonsai = I am sorry.

Ticket Network: Entertainment is a great way to lighten the mood and mend fences. Ticket Network is an online exchange with over $5.5 billion in ticket inventory for unlimited options.

Adagio Teas: Serenity in a cup. This site offer a wide selection of artisan teas and accessories that will calm the nerves and put her on the path to forgiveness.