Quiz Are we more than just friends.
Whether it’s a new lady in your life, or one that’s been around for a while, sometimes “just friends” isn’t always “just friends.” This potentially undesirable situation, left unresolved, can be a continuing source confusion and frustration. So, let’s find out if you are in the friend zone or ready to move to something more serious.

Does she make excuses to touch you? Like when she’s laughing at a joke you made because you’re hilaaaaaarious?

Do you find yourself daydreaming or thinking about her at different times throughout the day?

Does she ask for advice about guys or vice versa?

Have you ever had an awkward moment?

Are you constantly in contact with one another?

Do you get jealous if you see her with another guy? Even if it’s not a boyfriend or crush?

Do you have any nicknames or pet names for one another?

Does everyone else except you two idiots think you should just get it over with already?

What is her relationship status?

Would you feel weird being intimate with her?

Does she have a key to your home/apartment?

How often do you spend time together?