Quiz Are You Being Catfished?
Catfishing: the ultimate fear of any online dater. For those who aren’t versed in this internet phenomenon, catfishing is the act of convincing someone you’ve met online that you’re someone who you’re not. Ever wonder if that beauty queen you’re spending all your nights chatting with is too good to be true? Let’s find out!

What’s her Facebook like?

Has she ever asked you for money?

Do you two send selfies to each other?

What happens when you Google her name?

How quickly did things get serious for you two?

She’s pretty hot, huh?

How do your friends feel about this girl?

What’s her voice like?

Have you spent time Skyping or Facetiming with this person?

How many Facebook friends does she have?

Why haven’t you two met yet?

Where does she work?