Compliments to Melt a Woman
What woman doesn't delight in hearing something nice about herself? Some men tend to hesitate and shy away from paying women compliments. Maybe it's the fear of sounding insincere, disingenuous, or even patronizing. Whatever your reason, you need to get over it. Compliments are a good way to let your love interest know your affection for her and make sure she knows you've got her on your mind. That way, maybe she'll keep you on hers.

Here are some compliments that are sure to make a woman melt:

  1. "That looks great on you." Okay, so maybe you’re out of touch with the latest fashion trends, but you can still say something nice about what she’s wearing. Be specific about what caught your eye, and pinpoint what makes it look good on her. Women also like when you notice something they bought recently. If you see your love interest in a new sweater, comment on it. Not only are you making it clear that you pay attention to her style, but you're also appreciating that style; it's a two-for-one compliment.

  2. "I wish I’d met you sooner." This one is sure to be a winner. The idea that she’s made such a great impact on your life you wish it happened sooner can be a definite high for a woman. It’s satisfying and terribly romantic. Try and slip this compliment in during the course of a casual conversation with a loving gaze, and she'll remember it for a long time to come.

  3. "I can’t stop thinking about you." Simple and meaningful. It says she’s become stuck in your head, like a good song. Not a day or night passes without her occupying your thoughts. This conveys the idea that your whole world practically revolves around her. This compliment does have the potential to sound obsessive, so use it with care.

  4. "Nobody’s made me feel better about myself than you have." In a way, you’ve compared her to your ex-girlfriends which is always a sticky place to find yourself. But with this compliment, you've put her on top of the pedestal and made it clear she's better than your previous girlfriends. Women can be jealous of or competitive with women who have been in your life in the past, so telling your new love interest she’s #1 is big deal.

  5. "I love your sense of humor." Compliments shouldn't always be about the way she looks. Make sure you also draw attention to the things you like about her personality. This line, when delivered matter-of-factly with a genuine smile and a direct look, would be a pleasure for her to hear. She's likely got some idea of your physical attraction to her, but knowing you're also attracted to her personality and the things she says will make her feel like you value her thoughts.

  6. "As long as you’re with me, I could go anywhere." Whether it's a fine dining restaurant at The Ritz or a hole in the wall in Chinatown, saying you couldn’t care less as long as she’s beside you is a compliment guaranteed to make a woman feel great. It tells her she’s more important to you than places, events, or situations. With this statement, your love interest will feel value beyond her physical appearance or a good sense of humor. This compliment says that you purely enjoy her company which is a nice way to prove her significance to you.

  7. "You’re the best thing that ever happened to me." How did I get so lucky? This is a strong compliment that says she means the whole world to you, and it’s a great way for you to acknowledge how important she is in your life. With this, you're saying all things that came before, including all women, have paled in comparison to your experience with her, and she'll feel honored by this.

  8. "The great thing about being with you is that I can just be myself." This is a very casual way of complimenting her and re-assuring her that you are 100% committed. You feel comfortable in her company with no need for pretense or acting. This also assures her that you're not putting on a show – you can be your genuine self with her, and your feelings for her are equally as genuine. This will leave no doubt in her mind that you're totally honest with her.

There you have it: eight awesome expressions of affection to tell your significant other. You don't need to be constantly complimenting her or proving your love, but a few kind words can go a long way toward making her feel comfortable in your relationship. For other tips on communicating and expressing your feelings, check out these resources.

Good luck!