Find Best Dating Sites
  • | October 5, 2016
Finding a new date or love online has been “in” over the past few years and singles can now easily get dates from online dating sites. If you have been a bachelor for long, you may try the online route to meet someone new—who knows, perhaps your next fling, gf, or wife could be hiding behind a screen waiting for someone like you…

The thing is, while there are hundreds of dating sites online, not everything is as great and promising as it claims to be. We all heard stories of people meeting weirdos, gold diggers, scam call girls, etc. If you want to decrease the chances of something like this happening to you, here is a list of (mostly) great and trusted dating sites you could try. You choice depends on course of what are you looking for and what is your personality/interests:

  1. e-Harmony:  This is a great paid website for people looking for a good match personality-wise.  It actually features a matching system based on your answers on a questionnaire that matches you with people with common beliefs, interests, and personality traits. The member subscription costs around 10 bucks a month which is not too much if you consider that it mainly attracts quality people who are seeking a compatible partner.

  2. is currently the no1 dating site worldwide with millions of members from all corners all the globe, looking for love online. Like most dating sites out there, this requires from users that they create a profile, fill it up with their info and pics, and the website will start to display potentially good matches, based on common interests and preferences set in members’ profiles. Although slightly pricier than other popular websites (the cost for becoming a full member is around $15 per month), it has a huge pool of members so the chances of finding someone new, are dramatically increased.

  3. PlentyofFish: If you are looking for a free website with a large pool of people, you could try PlentyofFish.  This also has a great matching system based on parameters like social interaction, self-confidence, family values, etc matching you with people with common characteristics as you. The site from our experience, doesn’t always attract the best people and there a slightly “cheap” feeling to it comparing to sites like e-harmony, but is still a good choice for meeting like-minded people.

  4. OkCupid: Another free website that has a proprietary matching system.  This site prides itself on being open to all and for all reasons (relationships to hook-ups).    When you sign up, you fill out a lengthy profile full of questions that help drive the matching algorithms.  The service is rapidly growing and this will lead to some interesting matching results.

The above sites are suited for most adults looking for a good match of any age, ethnic background,sexual orientation, or interests.

If you have a specific lifestyle and values, you could also try some specialty sites like (for adult Christians), (for vegans), fitness-singles (for athletes and fitness enthusiasts), (for seniors over 45), (for gay singles).

Good luck.