Best Subscription Boxes for Her
  • | September 27, 2016
People love spending their time and money on discovering new and interesting items to add to their lives. This is where subscription boxes come in. Each month you spend subscribed to a particular brand, you'll get a box containing a variety of goodies to enjoy. If it's getting close to an important date with your special lady, like a birthday or anniversary, there are dozens of these subscription programs available that may offer some fun and easy gift ideas.

If you want to give her the perfect gift that keeps on giving, here are some subscription box recommendations that will keep her eagerly awaiting the postman every month:

  1. Makeup and skin care subscription boxes. Many women wear makeup on a regular basis, and as a result, make a point of taking care of their skin. If your girlfriend seems to be a beauty enthusiast, a subscription box containing generous samples of popular beauty products would be the perfect gift. These boxes typically contain at least five products covering a variety of makeup and skin care categories, such as face cleansers, moisturizers, oils, and other cosmetics offering different beauty benefits. Some brand suggestions include: Allure Beauty Box, Julep Maven, Wantable Makeup, and Amazon Luxury Beauty Box.

  2. Health and fitness subscription boxes. Does your girlfriend hit them gym on a regular basis? Is she a bit of a fitness junkie? There are many subscription boxes available to supplement your girl's active lifestyle. These boxes are packed with fitness-related gear like active wear, sports accessories, guides, supplements, and even organizers she can use every month to keep her motivated to reach her fitness goals. Some brand suggestions include: Yogi Surprise, Fabletics, Pretty Fit, and Wantable Fitness.

  3. Fashion subscription boxes. Like makeup and skin care, many women also enjoy different elements of fashion. If your girlfriend is the kind to come home from the store with bags swinging from both arms, feed into her favorite fashion addiction by treating her to a fashion subscription box. These boxes generally contain the latest fashionable clothes, shoes, or accessories to keep her wardrobe ever-expanding. Some brand suggestions include: Stitch Fix, Your Bijoux Box, Cypress and 5th, JustFab, and Underclub.

  4. Random geeky subscription boxes. Maybe your girlfriend is a bit of an odd duck. Maybe she's more interested in books, video games, or cinema than any of the "typical" female interests. If this sounds like her, don’t feel discouraged – there are plenty of subscriptions she may still enjoy. These boxes can contain anything from nerdy gadgets to video game memorabilia to new issues of comic books. Some brand suggestions include: Loot Crate, Geek Fuel, Nerd Block, and Horror Block.

  5. Food and cooking boxes. Does your girlfriend love indulging in food and cooking her favorite meals? Spark her culinary curiosity and appetite with a food or cooking subscription box delivered right to her kitchen. These boxes contain edible items like chocolates, snacks, and spices, as well as kitchen utensils and cookbooks from well-known chefs. Some brand suggestions include: Yummy Bazaar Destination Food Bar, Munch Pak, Vegan Cuts Snack Box, Love with Food (Gluten Free), and Home Chef.

And of course, one of the best things about these subscription boxes is they typically costs less than $50 each, and you get a variety of swag each month. With costs that low and boxes so unique, it's impossible not to find something to suit the girl in your life.

Good luck!