buying clothes for women
  • | September 27, 2016
When you're a guy with no real fashion sense, buying clothes for your special lady can be a bit of a challenging task. With such a vast variety of trends, styles, and preferences spanning all aspects of fashion, it can be fear-inducing trying to purchase something she'll actually like and be interested in wearing. If you don't know the first thing about style but still want to pick up something your girl can feel good in, there's hope for you yet.

Here are some tips to help you figure out how to make a successful fashion purchase for the woman in your life:

  1. Shop according to her body frame. In most large departments stores and malls, women's clothes are categorized according to the female frame with options such as average, petite, tall, and plus size. Identify which one your girl belongs to, and start your search there. If you're not sure which of these categories to start in, take a peek in your girl's closet, and check tags for an indication of size specifications. If you're still at a loss when you get to the store, ask a salesperson on shift to help you choose the right fit.

  2. Take note of her style. Every woman has her own style and sense of fashion, and it would be wise to pick clothes and accessories based on what she wears on a regular basis. If she's the kind of girl who likes girly dresses, pick up a dress with a similar style or shape that has colors or patterns not yet represented in your girl's closet. Or perhaps she's a fan of polka dots – a cute polka dot sweater or skirt will be sure to please. Not only will your girl appreciate getting a fun new addition to her wardrobe, but she'll be impressed that you've taken the time to really get to know what she likes.

  3. Ask one of her friends for help. When many women head out shopping for the afternoon, they take at least one of their closest friends as a shopping partner. As a result, best friends always have the inside scoop on each other’s fashion sense. If you're weighing your options at a store and need a second opinion, don't hesitate to give that friend a call or text for advice. If you're ordering online, go ahead and send the friend a message with the link to the item, and ask for feedback. Your girl will see this as a sign that you're really invested in picking up the perfect item and appreciate the effort.

  4. Consider buying her the whole outfit. Unless you're buying her something pretty basic and safe that goes with almost anything, like a pair of blue jeans or a neutral tone tank top, or you have a pretty clear idea in your head of something in her closet that would look nice with your purchase, it may be a smart idea to match that top, dress, or bottom with something else. This will help you to avoid buying her a shirt she genuinely likes but can't find anything to wear it with. Even incorporating supplementary accessories like a belt, shoes, or jewelry can take your purchase to the next level and ensure that your girl feels comfortable rocking whatever you get her.

  5. If all else fails, opt for a gift card. There's a distinct possibility that even after taking all these considerations and ideas into account, you won't be able to figure out what to get your girl. At the end of the day, some guys just can't make heads or tails of the fashion world, and there's no shame in that. Choose a gift card for a store you know she frequents to show that even if you can't make the right purchase on her behalf, you still pay attention to the things she likes. She'll appreciate your genuine effort, and it will be clear just how happy you wanted to make her.

Buying clothes for anyone, let alone your partner, can be a tricky affair, and if you go in unprepared, there's a high probability of failure. Using the guidelines here, you'll have a strong base to start from as you set out on your shopping expedition to find something your girl will truly love.

Good luck!