• | October 5, 2016
Many men buy their special lady’s lingerie and just as many men tremble at the thought of actually walking into Victoria’s Secret unchaperoned.

Buying a woman lingerie can be a trying task, however a few simple things to keep in mind will help ease your anxiety and not get you arrested for looking like a pervert at the mall.

  1. Find out her size:  There is no point in trying to buy your lady some lingerie if you don’t know her size. As men, lingerie sizes aren’t something we deal with on a daily basis so make it a point to find out, or know where to look.

  2. Ask a Saleswoman for help:  If you’re trying to buy your special lady some sexy lingerie as a surprise, there is no shame in asking the saleswoman for help. After all, it’s what they are there for. Be honest about what you’re looking for, what your lady likes, her size, etc.

  3. Relax. They already know why you’re there:  Shy about talking to a saleswoman? Relax. If you’re shopping in Victoria’s Secret or a similar store, relax. The salespeople are either going to assume you’re shopping for a lady friend or yourself. There is literally no other reason for you to be there so which one is less embarrassing? Exactly.  Don’t skulk around, don’t look over your shoulder like a drug deal’s about to go down near the white and blue cloud pajamas. That will make you stand out and that will lead to embarrassment.

  4. Enlist the help of one of her friends:  If it’s not too awkward, one of her friend’s is probably much better suited for figuring out what to buy. If she’s a close enough friend, odds are she’ll know (or have an idea) of her size and style when it comes to lingerie better than you do. At the very least they can point you in the right direction. Make sure it’s a friend and not her sister or mother. The last thing the latter wants to think about is what you plan on doing with that lingerie.

  5. Spend a little time learning about lingerie:  Do you know a corset from a teddy? How about a bustier from a charmeuse? Depending on what type of lingerie you’re planning on purchasing you may need to know these terms. Spending a little time learning about the different kinds of lingerie out there will help you to at least pretend like you know what you’re talking about when you walk into the store.

  6. There’s this new thing called “the internet.”:  Ever heard of it? It’s really great and you can buy just about anything on there from the comfort of your own home, even lingerie. If your goal is discretion there’s no better way to buy than online.

Buying lingerie without being embarrassed is all about not making it weird. Think of it as just buying a form of speciality clothing. You don’t have a problem buying clothes, do you? Be up front with the saleswomen about what you’re looking for and let them help you. If all else fails, there’s always the internet.