Camping Tips and Hacks
  • | October 5, 2016
The right friends, great attitude, and DIY gear is the perfect formula for an awesome camp-out. But before you hit the road there are some important Camping Tips and creative hacks to make your camp more memorable.


  1. The more you know, the less you need. Make time to practice essential skills like building a shelter and starting a fire in all types of conditions. These skills can save your life.

  2. Poisonous plants usually have milky sap and/or strong order. Research the poisonous plants in your area.

  3. Ensure someone knows where you are going.

  4. Test your gear at home before heading out. You don’t want it malfunctioning when you need it most.

  5. Strap your survival kit on your person throughout your camp or hike.

  6. In a survival situation don’t eat if you don’t have water.

  7. Carry water in a stainless container. It can double, as a cooking pot and for water purification (boiling).


  1. Straws can be used to hold small amounts of toothpaste and soap. Squeeze toothpaste into the straw. Burn both ends and seal.

  2. Melt PVC pipe to make snug Knife sheath. Heat pipe till moldable. On a Plat surface slide knife in and press down on the pipe with a flat object to mold pipe into shape. Pull knife out. Cool in water when the pipe is the desired shape. You may need to heat it more than once to get it, just right.

  3. Use safety pins to organize fishing hooks.

  4. Point flashlight into clear or white water container to make a lamp.

  5. Use duct tape on the back of your foot to prevent blisters from the sneaker.

  6. Make wilderness chair using rope and sticks. Get three stick about your height and one knee-high. Tie a tripod using tripod lashing. Use square or diagonal lashings to tie short stick for sitting. Work your way up with the remaining rope to the creating a net for your backrest.

  7. Filter water using two containers and a piece of fabric. Put the water for filtering in one container at evaluation. Then submerge one end of the cloth in it.  Place the other container lower than the 1st and put the opposite end of the cloth inside. The second container will have your filtered water.

  8. Use two metal bowl as an impromptu Dutch oven. The two bowls need to be about the same size. Turn one over the other clip the sides with bulldog clips to keep them shut. Place in coals and bake.

  9. Carry duct tape on your knife sheath.

  10. Use hand sanitizer as fuel to start your fire.

  11. Tie the items you want to keep cold in a water tight bag and put it in a river or lake (away from direct sunlight). Use a stone to weigh down and anchor the bag.

Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moments. It fashions it’s perfect moments out of ordinary ones. Bruce Garrrabrandt. So let your imagination take you places on your next journey into the outdoors.

Good luck!