Dating Advice: Keeping Your Past in the Past
One of the biggest things that could be preventing you from finding happiness is your past experiences. Are you holding on to something that happened? Keeping the past in the past can be a difficult task, especially if it was a particularly painful part of your life. But letting go is the only way you’re going to move on and find love again.

Keeping the past in the past is your ticket to happiness. Learn why it’s so important to let go, and the steps you can take to move forward.

Why Let Go?

Focusing on the past hurts you in many ways. It prevents you from living your life and gets in the way of future goals and opportunities. When past experiences keep resurfacing, they begin to define you. People see you as a product of your past. You deserve to live to your fullest potential. So leave your painful experiences behind you and make room for new, positive ones.  Redefine yourself, and your life. Make your own decisions, instead of letting old memories make them for you. How to Let Go.
  1. Forgive. The first step to letting go is forgiving the person (or people) who hurt you. It’s not easy, but it’s necessary. People will hurt you, it’s an unavoidable part of life. You need to accept that people make mistakes. Forgiveness is the only way you can maintain your sanity in a world where humans are fallible. You may also need to forgive yourself. If you’re at all responsible, give yourself the same compassion you’re willing to give others.
  2. Ditch the victim mentality. You might not be responsible for everything that happens in your life, but you are responsible for how you respond. Take accountability for your actions from this point on. You’re in control of your own emotions, so the only way to heal and make better choices is by allowing yourself to. Don’t be a victim of your past, so you won’t be a victim of your future.
  3. Talk about it. Reach out to people you trust. Talk about how you’re feeling, or things you’re struggling with. Letting go of the past isn’t an easy process. It’s a good idea to have a trusted ally. Someone who can honestly remind you when you’re being unfair. Celebrate milestones with them and make them hold you accountable for your growth.
  4. Learn from the past. The best thing you can do with a painful experience is to learn from it. Take the information and let it teach you something useful for the future. Remind yourself what happened but in the framework of something to avoid repeating. There’s always something you can learn from past experiences. You just have to search for it.

Be open to new experiences. Someone hurt you. That doesn’t mean everyone will hurt you. Be open to letting people in again. Let yourself be happy by allowing others to get to know you. Don’t let the past repeat itself. Go into new experiences with an open mind and heart.

Putting the past behind you is one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself. You’ll become a stronger, wiser person. You have the tools necessary to heal from painful experiences if they happen to you again in the future. Building healthy coping mechanisms is the best way to get ahead in life and love.