Dating Two Women
Philandering husbands, two timing boyfriends, and just plain, thrill seeking cheaters who’d chase anybody in a skirt are a dime a dozen; they’re all around us. In fact, it’s not unlikely that you and I could be two of them. Blame such behavior on cultural and social factors, blame the ever-rising testosterone levels, blame the presence of sexy, attractive women wherever you go, or blame Mother Nature for making us men the way we are.

The idea of dating two or more women at the same time is so fascinating and so exciting, it challenges men to be imaginative, creative, resourceful, and constantly improvising. Consider John, who sought his friend’s advice on how to handle his dilemma with Kate and Edith. He said he was deeply in love with Kate, but Edith was such a fabulous vixen, he simply couldn’t stay away from her. His friend’s advice? “Face it, John. You can’t have your Kate and Edith, too!” The truth is: you can. You just have to play it smart.

If you're still with us, here’s our best advice for how to date two women at once:

  1. Never see both women on the same day. You’ve got to stick to this. The intuitive power of women is such that they'd be able to smell deception a mile away. It could be that faint, leftover fragrance on your shirt or the strand of a woman’s hair in the car seat. These are dead giveaways. Avoid seeing both women on the same day, and you'll avoid one woman picking up on the traces of the other.

  2. Forget dating the girl next door or the girl in the same apartment building. Living in your neighborhood makes it easy for your second girl to turn into Sherlock Holmes, keeping an eye on you or checking in under any silly pretense. Not only is it important to keep space between you and your second girl, but you also don't want the two girls to discover each other. If that happens, you can kiss your freedom and philandering ways good-bye.

  3. Between the two women you’re dating, figure out who takes priority. Treating two women the same way will be nearly impossible, so decide who takes the top position. Situations will arise when you'll have to make decisions about who to see for dinner on a Friday night, for example. Somebody’s got to have more privileges than the other in order to avoid the stressful back-and-forth on your end; in times of conflict, always go with #1. And in a worst-case scenario, you’ve got to be able to choose decisively who you’d keep and who you could let go.

  4. Don’t give her your home phone number. Only give your second girl your cell number. With your home number, it’ll be easy her to find out where you live (especially if you’re listed), and she could suddenly feel the urge to drop by any old time; you don't want that. You also don't want her leaving messages on the answering machine that your primary girlfriend might just accidentally listen to. Only giving her your cell number is the smartest way to maintain control over the relationship.

  5. Never take both women to the same place. When you take a woman to the same restaurant or theater multiple times, you develop a kind of rapport with the regulars. Soon, they'll start recognizing you as a couple and expect to see you together. If you introduce a new girl to the mix, the people you're so used to seeing might start talking or spreading rumors of your affairs, and if that happens, they'll blow your cover. Give each woman her individual set of places you take her to. That way, you'll avoid being exposed by a third party.

There are a lot of other things you’ll learn as you go about dating two or three women at the same time. Some skills take experience to develop, and you'll likely have hiccups along the way. Keep in mind that as you play around, you should play it safe: practice safe sex. The last thing you want to do is put your or your girlfriend's health at risk. But the most important (and obvious) thing to remember is don't get caught.

Good luck!