The Ultimate Fight Fixer

Have you been kicked to the dawghouse again? It happens to the best of us. Whether this is a small fight about not taking out the garbage or a larger argument about infidelity, The Ultimate Fight Fixer can help you out, every step of the way. From communicating respectfully to “saying sorry” (and actually meaning) to atoning for misdeeds, we’ll guide you through a fight resolution process.

After completing the quick questionnaire you will receive customized results to help fix your fight. It is common sense advice along with proactive steps to get your relationship back-on-track. Plus, you will have access to additional resources to make amends and get you released from the dawghouse.

All Fields are Mandatory.

QUESTION 1: What issue got you thrown into the Dawghouse?

QUESTION 2: How angry is the Other person?

QUESTION 3: What is your level of guilt and overall attitude?

QUESTION 4: Name 1 things you contributed to the conflict?

Question 5: Write one thing in the other partners reality that makes sense to you?