Tips and Guidelines for First Date
  • | October 4, 2016
So you’re on the prowl and you’ve got a date, guys. Good for you. Let’s talk a little strategy here. You want to make a good impression, of course, but you also don’t want to come off as though you’re trying too hard. First dates are important. In fact, studies show that first dates are the leading cause of second dates. Whether your re-entering the dating world or been in the game for a while, it always helps to have a few tips along the way. Presented here are a few first date guidelines to help you through and land the second date.

  1. Hygiene. Hygiene. Unless you’re the most clueless guy on the face of the Earth, obviously you’re going to take a shower and comb your hair, right? Don’t forget a few other areas as well. Like your nails. Women are a lot more detail-oriented when it comes to personal appearance and they often look at a man’s hands. Believe me, they notice dirty, broken nails and they don’t like it.

  2. Don’t try too hard to make that “perfect” first date. When you try too hard you come across as desperate or insecure. As if all you have going for you is your ability to spend a lot of money to try and get laid. Don’t do that. Your first date doesn’t need to be a sunset candlelit dinner on top of a mountain serenaded by Tony Bennett. No woman worth dating ever said “I can’t believe he took me to a nice restaurant and then to a fun café for coffee afterward. I’m never seeing him again!” Play it cool.

  3. Despite the rumors, chivalry Is NOT dead. Opening the car door, pulling her chair out, etc. These are all nice gestures that most women will appreciate. Do you really want to date a woman who gets “offended” by you being nice?

  4. Talk about your mom. Sound weird? It is a little bit. Don’t go on and on about your mother or you’ll give off a little “Norman Bates” vibe but casually mention a little something about your mom or your parents. Something light and positive such “I took my mother shopping the other day,” or “I had lunch with my mother and sister,” etc. Women look to how you treat the women who are already in your life when forming their opinion on whether or not you’re worth it.

  5. Don’t presume the date continues all night. The quickest way to end a date is to assume you’re getting laid at the end of it. Hey, it might happen and if it does? Great. However, many women aren’t that eager to jump in the sack after one date so if you come on too strong you’re not going to get a chance at the second date. Relax, tiger. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

  6. Leave Exes out of the discussion. The subject may inevitably come up (especially if you’re divorced or separated) and if it does, you shouldn’t lie about anything although you may want to try and steer the conversation elsewhere. Instead you should act like a star athlete who just snubbed his hometown team for a big contract elsewhere. “They were a great organization and I wish them nothing but the best going forward. I truly enjoyed my time there, but at the end of the day I just had to do what was best for me and my family.” Leave the daggers out of it for now.

First dates can be high pressure situations. It’s important to relax and enjoy yourself. Try to have a good time. Remember, she agreed to the date so there’s already something about you she likes. Use these first date guidelines and show her there’s a lot more to like.

Good luck.