Dating After a Breakup
There’s a very popular song that goes, “Breaking up is hard to do.” And in that simple statement, reality is captured. These partings of ways can leave you deflated and crushed. One can get caught up in a downward spiral or choose to move on. If you are to the point of moving on, then it’s time to put yourself back on the market and start taking the necessary steps to re-enter the dating world.

Here are some guidelines to help you step up your dating game after a breakup:

  1. Remove things that remind you of your ex. First things first: you've got to get your ex completely out of your system. Maybe you're thinking you’d like to keep some mementos to remember your time together, but they're just going to hold you back. That photo, artwork, sweatshirt, and toothbrush? Put them in the trash. Rearrange your furniture. Rotate your sofa or put it in a corner. Move your bed against the wall so your place feels different. Make a new lifestyle devoid of the previous woman in your life.

  2. Start looking good again. Sometimes, people who are in a relationship tend to let themselves go. The urgency of looking good for your prospective partner starts to fade, and you let your health and fitness goals lapse. If you’ve been eating peanut butter out of the jar, wearing sweat pants for three weekends in a row, or don’t have a clean pair of underwear, you are one of those men. Now is the time to reinvest in yourself. Update your wardrobe, start a new exercise program, and get yourself on a healthier diet. Not only will you be more attractive to women, leading a better lifestyle will boost your confidence, easing your passage back into the dating world.

  3. Go out and socialize. Put on your best clothes, get a hold of a few friends, and head out for the evening to a bar or a party. Have a few drinks and introduce yourself to friends of friends and even beautiful strangers. These group social activities will help make it easier for you to get back into the habit of putting yourself out there, striking up a chat, and maintaining a conversation with a stranger. As an added bonus, making connections through friends expands your social circle and offers you the opportunity to meet new, interesting women you wouldn't have come across otherwise.

  4. Ask for help. Friends are sure to know of pretty girls in other social circles, at work, or in the gym looking to meet a new guy. Don’t feel uncomfortable asking friends if they know someone who could be your type. Oftentimes, it can be much easier to have a direct line to a potential date rather than going to a bar and hoping for the best. Plus, you'll have more security in going on a date with a girl recommended by a friend. When meeting a girl at a party, there are a lot of unknown quantities, but your friends wouldn't set you up with someone they didn't think was a close match for your own goals and interests. Consider it a shortcut. And hey, what are friends for?

With these sensible, easy-to-follow guidelines, you'll soon find yourself back on your feet and moving towards a new, promising relationship. The transition from breakup to single life may be a bit daunting at first, and you're sure to face some difficulties along the way, but all you can do is keep putting yourself out there, and soon, you'll be an old pro. If you'd like more tips, check out the resources below.

Good luck!