Ideas for dating married couples
  • | October 5, 2016
After the wedding bells have stopped ringing many married couples, unfortunately, stop dating. Before marriage, our whole purpose in life is to impress our partner, so the creative dating ideas are flowing out our minds effortlessly. Whereas after the “I do’s” we walk out the wedding halls like Ethan on Mission Impossible. “Mission Accomplished!” But the dating principle isn’t about impressing each other. It is meant to facilitate getting to know each other while spending time in each others company. So married couples should never stop dating. But in case you’ve run out of fun dating ideas I have made this comprehensive list of great cheap dating ideas for married couples; bring back the dating thrilled to your marriage.

  1. Road Trip. Organize a road trip. Get your camera and be ready to make memories. Document them in a scrapbook to immortalize the moments. Try new foods, take photos in weird places or just visit the places you have never been before.

  2. Create Something Together. Build a boat, make pottery, build a dog house. Guys allow your wife to have fun. The dog doesn’t even need to sleep in it.

  3. Go camping, hiking or bag packing. Nature had a way of rejuvenating you. My husband and I would go camping every weekend. Camping is what has gotten us so close as we are today.

  4. Volunteer Somewhere. Red Cross, a children’s home or homeless shelter are some excellent places you can volunteer to make a difference in someone’s life.

  5. Read to each Other. Pick a book you can learn from. Healthy living or how to be a better spouse. Choose a book you are both interested in.

  6. Play Treasure Hunt. Use clues from past dates. The treasure doesn’t need to have gifts; it can be anything.  I’m sure I don’t have to give you the details of how far this game can go. You’ll figure it out.

  7. Visit the Zoo. If you are an adventurous couple like my husband and I; visit a nature reserve.

  8. Go Through Old Albums. Reminiscing is a great way to reflect, laugh at past mistakes and remind yourselves what you like about each other.

  9. Play the Newly Wed Game. You can download the app, but it’s awesome with a 2 or more couples. Remember don’t get made if your wife can’t remember your favorite basketball Team she was probably nervous.

  10. Go Restaurant Hopping. Eat the appetizer at one restaurant and move on to another for the main course. It’s a great date idea since you can learn about new restaurants.

  11. Watch a Classical Romantic Move. Make popcorn together and make it a movie night.

  12. Visit an Art Gallery. Use your new found inspiration to make an art piece together. Hang it up in your bedroom

  13. Role Play A Date. Allow your wife to get dressed in one room and you in another. Then take her out to a diner in the kitchen. Brings back memories of when you were leaving together right?

  14. Make a Capsule. Bring out the campaign, shovel and everything you will need to put in.

  15. Visit a New Church or Religious Congregation. Discovering things together is a great way to form a lasting bond.

  16. Plant a backyard garden. A garden activity is a date that keeps on giving. Take care of it together. Do the research and make this your new place for couples time.

The concept of finding fun dating ideas is simple; be creative and enjoy the moment. I think our problem as married couples is we over think the idea of a great date. The most cherished memories are sometimes the unplanned dates. So try out the above fun, yet cheap date ideas and continue to enjoy discovering new things about your spouse.