Hollywood Parenting Horror Stories
  • | November 11, 2016
When we think of celebrity parents we think of calm, cool, responsible adults raising smart, dignified children without any troubles…. Or maybe that’s just what we hope for. Even, or sometimes especially, the bright lights take their toll. Sadly, it’s the kids that usually suffer. The news flash? When you’re famous, everything you do or so (even as a parent) can wind up on the front page.

  1. Alec Baldwin:  Alec Baldwin became a perfect example of how not to speak to your child after his vengeful ex-wife released a voicemail he left for their daughter Ireland. The message berated eleven-year-old Ireland for many things, including being a “rude, thoughtless pig”.

  2. Dina Lohan:  Okay, we couldn’t hold off on this one. It’s no secret that Lindsay Lohan went from beloved starlet to public train wreck, but a lot of that probably has to do with her mother Dina. As time went on, it became more apparent that Dina was less of a mother and more of a leech. Less of a parent and more a wannabe sorority girl, Lindsay was forced to be her meal ticket.

  3. Brooke Muller and Charlie Sheen:  The ex-wife of Charlie Sheen claimed that he was abusive against her, forcing him to lose custody. However, living with Brooke wasn’t much better; because of her drug use and her own alleged abusiveness, the kids wound up living with Denise Richards, where they terrorized her family.

  4. Jaid Barrymore:  Like many childhood stars, Drew Barrymore struggled with substance abuse at a young age. However, it turns out that her own mother, Jaid, is the one who introduced her to them in the first place. This forced Drew to emancipate herself at just fifteen years of age, and even though she’s all grown up, she still doesn’t speak to her mother. Probably a good decision

  5. Woody Allen:  While it isn’t uncommon for famous Hollywood men to cheat on their wives with a younger woman, Woody Allen took it to a whole different level. Although still together, Woody Allen developed a relationship with his step daughter in 1992, something that still haunts the family to this day. Yikes.

  6. Eddie Murphy:  Eddie Murphy may have been trying to change his career from raunchy funny man to family-friendly movie star. But he proved to be just another deadbeat dad after impregnating Spice Girl Mel B. At first he denied that the child was his, but a paternity test proved that it was. At least he makes child support payments.

  7. Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown:  A turbulent marriage causes a troubled upbringing. While struggling with substance abuse and domestic abuse, Whitney and Bobby actually smoked crack in the house while their children were around. This led to Bobbi Kristina’s own struggle with drugs and troubled relationships and a tragically short life.

  8. Kit Culkin:  After forcing Macaulay to single-handedly support their family as a child actor, the two don’t speak at all. Macaulay wound up emancipating himself from his manager parents, and the Hollywood retired father has gone so far as to say that he doesn’t even consider Macaulay his son anymore.

  9. Ryan O’Neal:  Ryan O’Neal may be the worst Hollywood parent that ever lived. He has done nothing but physically and emotionally attack his children. He has knocked his son’s teeth out when the boy was just fourteen, and then fired a weapon at him when he was 42. When Tatum attempted suicide, he made sure to let her know she was doing it wrong.

  10. Eddie Fisher:  Like Drew Barrymore, the Star Wars actress turned to drugs early on. Much of her substance abuse is a result of her father abandoning her and her mother when Carrie was just three-years-old to run off with Liz Taylor.