Quiz How Good of a Partner Are You?
We all like to think we make a pretty good partner. In fact, when we look in the mirror we are more likely to see Dr. Phil than Homer Simpson. However, sometimes that image doesn’t jive with reality nor how our partner sees us. And if your Gal is like most, isn’t her opinion all that really matters. So how do your partnering skills really stack up? Take the quiz to find out.

How often do you check in with her just to see how she’s doing?

How much are you willing to compromise when it comes to making plans?

How often do you and her fight, or argue?

How often do you talk to others about her, (sharing accomplishments and how proud you are of her) when she's not around?

What do you define as cheating?

If we asked her what they wish you would do differently, what would she be more likely to say?

If something is bothering or upsetting her, are you willing to listen?

If you’re at a social function and you see her talking to someone rather attractive who you don’t know; what do you do?

How often do you talk poorly about her to others?

After an disagreement, she feels….

When it comes to important days (birthday, Valentine’s Day, anniversary, etc.) do you make plans to celebrate?

How often do you and her take time out of your week for just the two of you?