Quiz is she cheating?
Ah, infidelity: the fear of every individual who has ever been in a committed, monogamous, relationship. Worried that your lady is flitting around the block? Concerned that she may be spending her time being a little too friendly with someone else? Complete this quiz to help figure out where her loyalty really is.

Has her number of late-nights at work, or overnight business trips suddenly increased?

How does she interact with your social circle (friends, your family, etc.)?

Have you ever caught her in a lie?

Has your female counterpart recently started devoting more time to her over-all look? Is she spending more time doing her makeup, working out often, or putting actual effort into her hair?

When you are in bed at night with your woman, what is she usually doing?

Has your wife ever accused you of cheating on her, or questioned your loyalty to her?

How often does your lady confide in you, or share with you all of the intense details about her day?

Does she always seem to be freshly showered when you come home?

How’s your sex life?

How does your lady react when you ask her to use her cell phone?

How much of your attention does she require or want?

How many nights a week does she spend with her girlfriends?