Male Bonding Advice on How to Show Appreciation
Humans are social animals. Healthy relationships are critical to the human condition. They’re the central force of everything else. The stress or joy of your relationships have a way of trickling down into every other aspect of life.  If you could make one change to improve your relationships, what would it be?

More time? Better communication? How about fewer fights, or more forgiveness? All these things boil down to one basic quality.


Forget the male bonding advice you’ve seen in the movies. Showing appreciation is much simpler than Hollywood will have you believe.

Here are 20 easy ways to show appreciation for the people in your life, no matter their role.

  1. Say “thank you.” It’s amazing how far two words can go. Spoken with sincerity, this phrase shows gratitude and consideration for others.
  2. Listen. Really listen. Ask questions to stay engaged. For many people, the only thing that matters is being heard.
  3. Contact them on their birthday. It shows that you took the time to remember. Tell them how important their existence is to you.
  4. Show support. If they’re struggling, offer a hug. If they’re thriving, congratulate them for their success.
  5. Respect their time. If you have plans, don’t show up late without notice. If they’re doing you a favor, don’t expect more than what’s reasonable.
  6. Write a note. Writing is a lost art. It takes time to handwrite a note, which shows thought. It’s a surprise they probably don’t often get.
  7. Give compliments. Giving a sincere compliment can change someone’s day. It shows you notice them.
  8. Do something together. Make it about them. Choose an activity they enjoy, or cook a meal they love.
  9. Say how you feel. If you love them, tell them often. Some people need reminding. Make a habit of being honest.
  10. Send a random message. If you haven’t talked in a while, send them an unexpected text, online message, email, or letter. Better yet, call them. It reminds them you still care.
  11. Do favors. Are you good at something? Offer to help. Fix their car, take photos of them, cook a nice meal.
  12. Notice small things. Pay attention to small gestures. How do they show their appreciation? It might not be obvious.
  13. Make gifts. Instead of buying gift cards or off-the-shelf items, make them something. A photo collage, handwritten birthday card, or piece of art.
  14. Appreciate gestures, not results. Life is messy, and things don’t always work out as intended. Remind them that you appreciate their efforts, no matter the outcome.
  15. Give them a break. Do they need time off from life? Offer to help. Watch their kids, or help with some work or chores. Give them some much needed R&R.
  16. Give public praise. People love public recognition. Give a toast, a shout out on social media, or a mention on your website.
  17. Forgive. Everyone makes mistakes. Show them you care with patience and forgiveness.
  18. Reciprocate. If they do something nice, offer to return the favor. If they say no, plan to do something anyway.
  19. Push them. Encourage them to grow. Be affirmative, suggest things you can do together to promote positive change.
  20. Keep your promises. If you make a promise or commitment, keep it. If you can’t, let them know ahead of time.

There you have it. It’s never too late to make appreciation a daily habit. Whether the relationship is friendly, familial, or intimate. Showing appreciation is a gesture that brings positive outcomes for everyone involved.