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Love Managing Your Tasks

For as long as men and women have been attracted to one another, the doghouse existed. This is the inspiration behind the app. It’s smart technology that helps you manage the daily activities that need to get done.

  • Create and schedule Reminders
  • Assign tasks and “Honey-do” projects
  • Get notified when things are due or get done
  • Syncs with your calendars

Eliminate the “I forgot” Excuse

Lets face it, we are prone to forget things. This app allows you and all your connected loved-ones to store important personal details and dates. Things like:

  • DATES: Birthdays, anniversaries and other important milestones trigger automated alerts.
  • FAVORITES: Favorite color, movie, flower, food, coffee preference jewelry type and more – stuff he should know by now but seems to forget.
  • MEASUREMENTS: Pant size, shoe size, dress size, etc. can be saved for family members.
  • Gift IDEAS: Best of all you can send and receive gift ideas throughout the year.
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Life is But a Game!

We’ve gamified our productivity tools with the ability to earn trophies that can be redeemed for rewards (from couple coupons, to manning the television remote, to fixing dinner). Now, you and your family members will be more motivated than ever to mark “check/complete” on all those tasks.

  • MANUALLY AWARD/DEDUCT TROPHIES: Reward good behavior or deduct trophies when he steps out-of-line.
  • CREATE REWARDS: Design your own rewards for extra motivation – the more creative the better!.
  • COMPETE AND EARN BADGES: You and your S.O. can also earn “achievements” in the form of virtual medals.

When There is Trouble in Paradise

Lawyers may be made redundant now that you can crowdsource opinions for all your relationship scuffles. The app will anonymously post your argument to the DawgHoused Facebook page so you can sit back (husbands from the couch, of course) while people vote and comment. Within 72-hours, the votes will be tallied and a verdict issued for quick resolution. Finally, you and your fight adversary can be free of the burden caused by unresolved arguments. Not to mention the trophies earned (for the victor) and lost (for the losing party). Ah, but the crowd has spoken!

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