Coming Soon…An App to Keep You out of the Dawg Housed

Your Pocket Personal Assistant to Escape the DawgHouse

Link Friends and Family

Download the app and directly link to your Gal’s phone and others. More links means more control of your life.

Send and Receive Reminders

Stay on-top of your busy schedule and life in general with this easy to use functionality. No more “I forgot”.


Send and Receive To-dos

Keep top-of-mind all the many activities that you need, not necessarily want, to complete.

Gift Wishes

A gift registry that allows you to send and receive gift ideas throughout the year. A sure way to make yourself a gift-giving superstar

Set and manage Alerts

Smart technology that eliminates nagging. With automated alerts you’ll get a reminder before it becomes an argument.

Detailed Profiles

A place to store and retrieve likes, favorites and other details of linked family members. Way to go Mr. Romantic.

Smart Technology to Conquer Your Relationship.

Eliminate Troubles

Keep the women (and loved ones) happy so they won’t discover you for the hopeless stray dog that you are.

More Happy, Less Stress

Less reminders means less nagging which leads to happier you (and everyone else). And isn’t that what it is all about?

Stronger Relationships

We’ll help keep you out of the dawghouse and in the good graces of your Gal. What you do from there is up to you.

How it works. It’s much less complicated than talking about feelings.

Download the app

Simply download the app and complete the self-guided set-up. You can do it while you wait in line at your favorite coffee shop.

Link to Others

The app will automatically send an email invite. If like many people, they don’t follow the directions we will send additional reminders.

Start Using

You can now start inputting important dates, tasks, and other reminders for your network. Plus it is never to early to build your gift wishes because everyday is a gift-giving occasion.