Online Dating Tips
  • | October 4, 2016
Nowadays, dating can take place on many different platforms. One of the newest and more curious ones is dating online. Even those who practice it are often unfamiliar with the majority of its more subtle nuances and inner workings. That's why we’re here and why we’ve compiled our list of the do’s and don’ts of online dating!

The Don'ts When Dating Online:

  1. Don’t lie. It’s easy to lie in person and even easier to lie online. However, even if you’re not looking for something serious, it’s always better (and more satisfying, really) not to lie.

  2. Don’t talk about yourself too much. This doesn’t mean to completely neglect yourself and put her on a pedestal, but definitely don’t push yourself into the spotlight of every topic, either. You’ll bore her pretty quickly.

  3. Don’t be a creep. It sounds obvious, and yet there are so many people who need to be reminded about it. No one likes a creep. It's important to be attentive to the girl's/woman's personal interests, but don't go too far. Keep the line in mind.

  4. Don’t be too invasive. Similar to the above, don’t be pushy. Try to feel her boundaries and not cross them, especially not too harshly and too often. Obviously, don’t be too passive, either (that won’t get you far), but when in doubt, take a step back.

  5. Don’t talk about general, clichéd topics. Sure, there are some subjects that are interesting and funny, but she has friends, TV, and the internet for that. If you want to be special for her, pick special topics.

  6. Don't be an idiot – no bloody dick pics. Please don’t make our gender look bad.

  7. The Do's:

  8. Write well, even if she doesn’t. Yes, writing correctly doesn’t immediately make you “better,” but all other things being equal, it’s always a plus. Proper grammar is the “good clothing” of written communication.

  9. Show interest in her. Nothing too invasive and personal at first, but bring up things you’ve noticed matter to her. Many women like to talk about abstract things – thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. These women like to be met with understanding about their inner worlds.

  10. Showcase the qualities that she might be looking for in a man. I met my current girlfriend online, just after a nasty breakup I had with my previous girl. My current girlfriend (seven years now!) has told me multiple times since we met that the main thing that drew her to me was how affectionate and caring I sounded towards my previous girlfriend. It wasn’t intentional on my part; in fact, I was holding stuff back. But it turned out I impressed her this way. Good thing I didn’t sound too whiny to her; I must have hit the right balance. Obviously, all women are different, so you can’t expect to just learn one simple phrase that will automatically woo them all. The personal touch is what matters the most, so if you sense she might like a particular trait in men, and if you feel you have it, try to show it. And as we said above, be truthful.

  11. Make her laugh. Humor is always a good characteristic to display. Many women put it near the top of their “desirable traits in men” list. Be careful about misunderstandings, though (see “Texting advices”). Also be careful about not going too far. Humor is very subjective, and everyone has a different idea about what “good humor” is. Start small with nice, easy jokes, and work your way up. If you’re leading the dialogue well enough, she’ll join in on your humor, and you’ll see what her preferences are.

These are more or less the main points you should be considering. Online dating is a particularly special way of dating in that it allows for people to get to know a date's inner self first. So be nice, be mindful about her interests, don’t do anything too stupid, and maybe something good will come out of it.

Good luck!