planning a bachelor party
  • | October 4, 2016
So it has fallen on you to give your buddy one last night of fun before his big day. Take this responsibility seriously as it’s the most important part of the wedding. Except for, you know, the actual ceremony and all.

Planning a great bachelor party is no easy task which is why we’ve put together this guide to help you make your buddy’s last hurrah a night he’ll never forget.

  1. Consider Your Budget.  Unless you’re flush with cash, forget the epic bachelor parties you’ve seen in movies. In reality, movie-style bachelor parties would cost tens of thousands of dollars so if that’s not an option, work with what you’ve got.  Typically, the bachelor pays for nothing so it falls on the best man and groomsmen to plan and foot the bill for him as well as themselves. It’s important to take into consideration the limitations some of the guys might have in terms of time as well as finances so plan accordingly. The last thing you want is guys bowing out at the last minute.

  2. Remember, it’s his special day.  If the wedding is all about the bride, the bachelor party is all about the groom. Don’t feel limited to the “typical” bachelor party fare of getting wasted and spending a ton of money on strippers. This is just fine if that’s his thing but consider what the bachelor would want to do. Golf weekend? Skiing? Comic-Con? Bachelor parties come in all shapes and sizes so think outside the box and do something he’ll love. And if the typical “booze and broads” bachelor party isn’t his thing, don’t force it on him.

  3. Plan. Plan. Plan.  This includes figuring out who all is going, deciding on activities, booking rooms, renting cars, scouting out restaurants, bars, or clubs, etc. Do not just decide “we’re going to Vegas and we’re going to play it by ear.” Never assume that just because you’re rolling into town in a limo that doors will fly open for you. Restaurants get booked, bars get crowded, hotels get full. It’s a fact of life. Especially if you are planning some type of special event that requires a rental or reservation, book in advance as much as possible.

  4. Someone remain clear-headed.  Your goal is to show your buddy the time of his life, not let/make him do something he’s going to regret for the rest of it. Designate a reliable member of the group as a designated driver (unless you’ve hired a driver for the evening) and also designate someone to keep an eye on the groom and make sure he doesn’t do anything he’ll regret in the morning. Someone needs to be the voice of sober reason.

  5. Do NOT have it the night before the wedding.  There’s no set rule as to when the bachelor party has to take place but whomever decided it should be the night before the wedding needs to have their head examined. Unless you’re planning a very low key evening that ends early there’s absolutely no need to risk ruining the wedding by having the bachelor party the night before the big day. Don’t do it.

Planning a great bachelor party is all about giving your buddy a great send off into his married life. Consider his interests and what he’d like to do and then do your best to make it happen. You can celebrate any number of ways so think outside the box, get creative, and strap in for a great night.

Good luck.