new baby coming home
  • | October 4, 2016
You have a new baby coming home soon. Congratulations! Of course, the reason you are here is so you can prepare your home for the little bundle of joy’s arrival. Let’s look at some of the things you need to do to prepare your home.

Our three things to consider when preparing the house for the new little one:

  1. The Baby’s Room. Ideally, you are going to have a separate room for your baby. You and the mother will need to get up and head to that room in the middle of the night for feeding and changing, and you might think it’s easier just having the baby in your room. That’s not a good idea unless you have no other choice, as it can make it more difficult for the baby to be in their own room later.  When it comes to the décor of the room, that’s really up to you and the baby’s mom. Choose the color and décor that you like the most, and go as cutesy as you like. Even though you might think you are a tough manly man right now, once you bring that baby home, you are going to go cutesy whenever you are around the little one. You might as well have the right décor for it.

  2. Consider Changing the Door to the Baby’s Room. Here’s an idea you might not have heard before. If you have a heavy wooden door on the baby’s room, you could replace it with a screen door, or a lighter wooden door. This way, you can keep the door closed to keep siblings and pets out of the room, but you can still hear what’s happening easily. If you have a screen, it will allow you to see into the room without going into it and disturbing the baby. Once the baby’s a bit older, you can always put the old door back on.

  3. Changing the Current Lifestyle. When you go to the store now, you probably don’t pay too much attention when you are buying household products and you don’t know whether they contain toxic ingredients or not. As part of the preparation for bringing the baby home, you will want to start thinking about how you can baby-proof the cabinets and other areas of the house. This way, you can be sure that once they start to toddle around, they aren’t going to get into anything that can harm them.

It’s also time that you covered up all of the electrical outlets. You can find some cheap covers for the outlets that take about a second to install. These will help to keep a curious crawler safe. You can also remove the small objects and knick-knacks from around the home. Even though the baby won’t be mobile for a while still, it’s better to do it now so you don’t forget once they get older.

Good luck.