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Arguing and Name Calling

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<p style="margin: 0px 0px 11px;"><span style="font-family: Calibri; font-size: medium;">My wife has a pretty bad temper.  Every time we have a disagreement she immediately starts raising her voice and throwing out insults. My immediate reaction is to back down and try to diffuse the situation.<span style="margin: 0px;">  </span>Most often it means giving in and allowing her to have her way.<span style="margin: 0px;">  </span>I feel she is using her anger as a deflection in order to stop a discussion and ultimately get her way.<span style="margin: 0px;">  </span>How should I handle these temperamental situations?</span></p>

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It started when my sister asked me to go in on a gift for our parent’s anniversary. We decided on a tickets to a play. My parents are conservative religious people and I know nothing about theater. I bought them two tickets to The Book of Mormon. I’m DawgHoused!

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Wed Sep 20, 2017 3:17am

It started when my buddy rolled into town. We went about reliving our college days. after 2 days of late nights and hangovers my wife had enough. She let me know that if i wanted to relive my college days she could arrange that, since i was broke and single. I'm DawgHoused.

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Thu Mar 8, 2018 19:37pm

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