Free online personality quiz: Is my daughter ready to date?
Your little girl will always be your princess. Unfortunately, that’s only in your mind. In reality, she’s getting older and the time is going to come when she starts being interested in boys who aren’t her daddy. Long story short—you’re going to have to deal with that. This quiz is about whether your daughter is ready to start dating—because honestly, we know you’ll never be ready for it.

Let’s start with the basics. How old is your little girl?

Why does she want to start dating?

The last time she came crying to you-- what caused that?

Why don’t you think she’s ready to start dating?

When you talk with her about your concerns regarding her dating, how does she react?

How close are you with your daughter?

So… how about those birds and bees?

Imagine that a boy broke-up with your daughter. How would she handle this?

Does your daughter respect her curfew?

Does she complete her chores?

Which of these sets of words best describes your daughter?

How would you best describe her friends?