Free online personality quiz: What's my Blind Spot as a Boss?
When you’re “the boss” you’re either Bruce Springsteen… or you’re in charge of some employees. Assuming it’s the latter, there can be many challenges that come with the territory. Most bosses have a “blind spot” when it comes to a particular workplace situation, type of employee, or some other area. No one is perfect, but identifying where you’re potentially dropping the ball is the first step in fixing it. What’s your blind spot?

How much experience do you have in a supervisory or management position (not necessarily your current one)?

How did you get your current position?

How well do you know your employees?

Do your employees get along as a collective group?

How often ARE YOU INVITED socialize with your employees outside of work?

How would you rate the overall happiness of your employees (in regards to the workplace)?

Are your employees comfortable enough with you to come to you if they have a personal problem?

How often must you discipline an employee?

Do you ever threaten your employees with disciplinary action?

Have you ever reprimanded an employee in front of others?

How often do you give praise?

Do you praise your employees in front of others?

How do you react when your boss calls you in because there is a problem?