Relationship Advice: 25 Signs it’s time to move on
Knowing when to move on isn’t straightforward. Usually, a relationship deteriorates over time. Eventually, you get to a point where you’re not sure whether to stay or go.

You’ve taken the first step. This is an important decision, but there’s help. If any of these signs are invasive in your life, you may want to consider moving on.

Here are 25 signs it’s time to move on.

  1. When the bad outnumber the good. There’s more pain than happiness, more hate than love. There should be one negative interaction for every five positive ones.
  2. When you do things to hurt them. You’re so angry, you say things knowing they’ll hurt. Sooner or later, the tension becomes so palpable you forget what it felt like to be in love.
  3. When you expect them to change. If they change, everything will be fine. Be with the person they are, not who they could be. Instead, find those qualities in someone else.
  4. When you justify their behavior to feel better. Making up stories to explain negative behavior only masks the distrust you feel underneath. It doesn’t solve the problem.
  5. When you address a situation but it keeps happening. If you’ve communicated your distaste for a behavior, but it hasn’t stopped, it probably won’t.
  6. When you change in ways you don’t like. You should never change to accommodate them. If you become someone you don’t like, step back and refocus your attention.
  7. When you stop growing. If you’ve stopped growing as a person, the relationship no longer plays a positive role in your life.
  8. When you lie to them. It doesn’t matter whether the lies are small, or big. If lying is a better option than being honest, you’ve checked out.
  9. When you do things to convince them to love you. One of the basic principles of love is that it must be given. You’re wasting your energy.
  10. When you can’t communicate. Neither of you wants to listen, and conversations turn into arguments. If you can’t communicate, you’ve reached a dead end.
  11. When you sacrifice your happiness for theirs. You can’t trade happiness for misery and expect a relationship to improve. Your needs are just as important as theirs.
  12. When you dread coming home. You don’t enjoy their company, so you stay out as late as you can, making up whatever excuse suits you at the time.
  13. When you have no intimacy. You’re basically roommates at this point, but with more bickering and expectations. Lost intimacy is a sign of deeper problems.
  14. When you only have physical attraction. A relationship held together by lust isn’t going to last long. Find someone who can offer you more in a relationship.
  15. When you keep threatening to leave. You’ve said it before. Don’t let fear, anxiety, or guilt stand in your way. None of those reasons are good enough to stay.
  16. When you aren’t appreciated. Being in a relationship includes reciprocity. When they stop appreciating you, they stop respecting you.
  17. When you grow apart. Your goals no longer align. Or you never see each other. If you don’t share a connection anymore, find someone else.
  18. When you can’t imagine a future with them. If you can’t see them fitting into the plan you mapped for your life, it’s time to let go.
  19. When you obsess over the past. You daydream of yesteryear. Living in the past removes you from the present, and the reality you need to face.
  20. When you feel drained after being with them. Spending time with them should bring you happiness. If you feel exhausted, the relationship has become unhealthy.
  21. When you have to convince people you’re happy. You make up stories about how great the relationship is, hoping some day they’ll be real.
  22. When you try counseling and the problems persist. Counseling is a great way to work through problems. If nothing changes after months of effort, it may be time to part ways.
  23. When you look elsewhere for romantic interest. You start entertaining the idea of being with someone else. If your attention is waning, consider the reasons why.
  24. When your loved ones tell you to leave. It’s easy to get wrapped up in your narrative and miss what’s going on. The people outside of your relationship see what you can’t see.
  25. When you no longer love them. If you know with certainty you don’t love them anymore, do both you a favor and move on.

Relationships are complicated. With good divorce advice for men, you can make an informed decision. Take time to consider the signs and how they may appear in your life.