tips for healthy relationship
  • | October 6, 2016
Whether you’re married or living with a girlfriend you will eventually be told to clean the house. For men, this is usually where we wind up getting ourselves into trouble. Let’s be honest, most of us are just pretty bad at cleaning.

If you want to avoid a fight later on it may be a good idea to learn what your lady’s expectations are when she asks you to clean the house. Living with someone means you are in a partnership of sorts and you’ll have to pull your weight from time to time.

Grab a feather duster, big guy. Trust us, this isn’t as bad as you think it’s going to be. We’ve put together some tips to help you figure out what to do when she says “clean the house.”

  1. Clean the House. No, seriously, clean the house. The first rule is that this isn’t a difficult or ambiguous request. She really wants you to clean the house. This doesn’t mean wiping up the one stain you can see or vacuuming a single room. This means cleaning the house.

  2. Dusting. This is something that men usually raise an eyebrow over and something we don’t tend to do much if left to our own devices. A feather duster isn’t the manliest tool to carry on but thankfully you’re in the privacy of your own home and not on the Jumbo-Tron at the Laker’s game. Dusting is easy. Simply take the duster and pass it over the surface of shelves, electronics, tables, etc. As the name might suggest, it cleans up dust.

  3. Vacuuming. Vacuuming is one of the easier chores to do but it’s one you can also easily do poorly if you’re trying to rush the job. Out of respect, we’re going to assume you generally know how to vacuum but here’s a few tips: carpeted steps, hallways, and corners are often overlooked areas. As a general rule: if it has a carpet or rug it needs to be vacuumed.

  4. Don’t Forget the Bathrooms. One of the most neglected rooms when it comes to male cleaning, it is also one of our most sacred. The bathroom easily becomes a filthy place without regular cleaning. This means scrubbing the toilet bowl, shower heads, bathtub, and sink. Those discolored spots weren’t “always there” and they need to be cleaned. There are a number of products designed specifically for bathroom cleaning and odds are if your bathroom is still standing you have some in the house. Most likely in the bathroom already.

  5. Straighten Up. As men, when we hear “clean” we think “with soap” or “to scrub something.” To many women, the words “neaten” and “clean” are essentially synonymous. So odds are when she says “clean the house” she also means straighten things up and make them tidy. This means that when vacuuming for example, clean up the pile of clothes on the floor instead of just vacuuming around it.

Men are not the world’s best cleaners but that doesn’t mean we can’t do a good job when asked. Truth be told, you shouldn’t have to be asked (we know we just sounded like her there for a moment). You’re living in this house too so you should also want it to be clean and tidy. Take the initiative sometime and you may even get rewarded for it.

Good luck.