signs girlfriend bad news
  • | October 5, 2016
“She has to be the one!” But before you fall to deep in love you need to be aware of the red flags in your relationship that will send you running out the door. Love isn’t blind but in case you can’t see the signs, I will share with you the obvious and not so obvious signs that your girlfriend is bad news.

  1. Bad Relationship with Her Family Especially her Father. Research has shown that women with bad or no relationship with their dads tend to have a hard time maintaining long lasting relationships; since women use the father-daughter model to interact in their romantic relationship. A bad relationship with her father does not necessarily mean she can’t be a great girlfriend though. If she doesn’t have a good relationship with any of her family, that is definitely a relationship red flag. There is a behavior that her family may have picked up on which isn’t good.

  2. Blames everyone for her actions.  She is a professional victim. You can’t question her behavior no matter how gentle,  without her blaming you, someone else or just shutting down emotionally.

  3. She was too easy.  If you get to sleep with her on the first date without any effort, this is cause for concern. How many dates has she been on? I know the best things in life are free but not that easy. If getting her in bed was easy for you, how easy is it for someone else?

  4. She wants to get rid of your friends.  Obvious red flag right? But sometimes she might have genuine concerns so listen first. If the reasons are all selfish that is a sign your girlfriend is bad news.

  5. Insensitive towards animals and children.  Research has shown that persons who abuse animals are 3.2 times more likely to be involved in criminal behavior.

  6. Drama Queen or too much baggage.  Check out her background. Does she blow things up and make a big deal of nothing? You can find tell-tail signs of a drama queen by paying attention to her friends; and how she speaks when dealing with conflict in other areas of her life.

  7. Core values and life goals and incompatible.  If you’re a Christian, and she’s an atheist you will have a hard time finding common ground on issues, especially raising children.

  8. Guilt’s you or argues when she doesn’t get her way.  This is manipulative and is unhealthy for a long term relationship. Both parties must feel free to express themselves.

Other more obvious relationship red flags:

  • She is violent. Breaks or throws things when she is angry.

  • Attention Seeker. She dressed or behaves inappropriately to call unnecessary attention to herself.

  • Superficial and materialistic. She’s all about the glamour, needs to have the latest everything.

  • She has never been independent. Parents, friends, exes are always the ones taking care of her.

  • Never has time to work on relationships issues. She just wants the benefits of a relationship without the work.

  • You can’t get along with any of her friends. Birds of a feather flock together.

Relationship red flags are sometimes hard to see in the beginning stages of the relationships. Most times your friends can see it before you can, so ask around about her. But before you fall blindly in love be aware of the relationship red flags. If your girl friend has more than four of them, it’s time to start packing or get ready for a tough road ahead.