Social Media and Relationships
  • | October 5, 2016
It’s 2016. You’re plugged in. You post, tweet, update, like, share, pin, and all points in between. We live in a world where relationships aren’t official until both people have updated their Facebook relationship status. Yeah, that’s the world we live in.

Social media can be a wonderful thing for staying connected and up to date on important events in the lives of your friends and loved ones. It can also be an exercise in how to quickly cause drama in a relationship. There are a few things to keep in mind when navigating a relationship through the social media waters.

  1. Golden Rule: Don’t put it on there if you don’t want her to see it. Write this down, tattoo it on your arm, emblazon it on a piece of wood and hang it in your den. If you put something on social media, assume your girlfriend will see it. This includes comments you make on other people’s pages. As a general rule, if you don’t want her to find out about it, don’t put it on social media.

  2. Delete Your Exes. You’d better have a good reason for staying friends with an ex on social media and if you do, be prepared to argue over it so consider carefully if this is a battle worth fighting.

  3. Delete compromising photos. Whether you delete the exes or not, at the very least you should take down all those pictures you have in your albums of the two of you on vacation in Cabo. You wouldn’t invite your current girlfriend over to take a look at you and your exes vacation album, would you? So don’t do the same on social media.

  4. Don’t bitch about her. As obvious as this should be, remember rule #1. Even if you block her from seeing the post consider who else will see it. Her friends? Your friends? Mutual acquaintances? Odds are it’ll get back to you. Find a more private way to vent. Like here for example (INSERT LINK?)

  5. Remember that the internet is forever. Now more than ever, our mistakes and bad decisions are likely to live in forever. Be aware that even if you aren’t posting something, other people might be. So if your lady thinks you’re home sleeping because you have a big day at work tomorrow and you’re really out at the bar with your buddies on wet t-shirt night... well, you’ve been warned.

  6. Don’t have a “shared” social media account. Couples who have “shared” social media accounts are ridiculous. Don’t be that couple. You’re a big boy. You can have your own Facebook account.

  7. Be careful what you post about her. Not just talkin’ smack like we covered in #4, but pictures of your trips, status updates about where you are, etc. Make sure she’s on board with that kind of transparency being put out there before you, well, put it out there.

Being on social media can test a relationship just as much as being in a relationship can test social media. It can be hard to juggle both but keep in mind to avoid drama as much as possible and generally be aware of what you’re doing and posting. It doesn’t have to be a struggle if you remember to think first.

Good luck.