• | February 12, 2018
Fantasy sports is a multi-million-dollar industry. And you know this because odds are you play it. Nearly 60 million people played fantasy sports last year and the industry continues to grow every season. Managing your league can be both time consuming and time sensitive. Sometimes moves need to be made and you find yourself stuck at the office. How do you cope?
Managing your fantasy sports league at work can be challenging, but these quick tips will help keep you productive both on and off the virtual field.
  1. Schedule the Draft Ahead of Time: Drafting your team is half the fun and point of playing fantasy sports. Schedule your draft well in advance so everyone has time to make their schedule and show up. Schedule it for the weekend if possible, and avoid possible workplace conflicts.
  2. Make your Waiver Claims Early: Make your waiver or FAAB pickups the night before the league unlocks, don’t wait until the last minute. Make your picks the night before waivers run and rest easy, knowing it’s in the hands of fate now.
  3. Consider Free Leagues: While many individuals play fantasy for money, there are a number of ways to enjoy fantasy sports without having money on the line. If you’re managing your league at work and/or playing with co-workers, a free league might be the way to go. Many employers frown on recreational activities while at work in general and the waters get even more treacherous once you place the “gambling” label on it. Some employers may even expressly forbid it so consult your handbook or employment guidelines.
  4. Set League Rules and Enforce Them: Rules are important in any fantasy league to help keep things civil and collusion-free. This is especially true if you plan on playing with co-workers. Remember, you have to see these people on a daily basis. Before you draft your league, draft a set of rules and guidelines for what is expected, what is not allowed, etc.
Cover issues such as collusion, dropping players, and trade rules. Setting them down before the draft ensures that everyone knows what’s expected early, and you can avoid major headaches later on.
  1. Use LeagueSafe or a Similar Escrow: If you are playing for money, LeagueSafe is a service that holds fantasy dues and prize pools in escrow for a small fee. As an independent entity, you can be secure in the knowledge that the funds are being held securely by an impartial party and will be paid out accordingly.
  2. Remember to Keep it Civil: Fantasy sports are a fun way to pass the time, but tempers can run high when competition is involved. Remember to keep it civil, especially if co-workers are involved. It’s important to not let fantasy disputes run over into workplace disputes.
  3. Get the Office Involved: Point your employer to this Forbes article that shows how managers who play in fantasy leagues with their employees have found success through greater workplace camaraderie, better engagement among employees, and even higher productivity.

Playing fantasy sports is an incredible way to enjoy the games you love with an extra element of fun and competition involved. In a workplace setting it can help with team building and fostering positive workplace morale. It is important to remember that work needs to come first, however, and fantasy sports can be a distraction.
This article outlines basic tips for running your fantasy league and incorporating it into your work life without distraction. Consider getting an office league up and running and get the whole workplace involved in the fun.