express your love to her
  • | October 5, 2016
So you're really into your new girlfriend, but you can't bring yourself to say you love her. Maybe you're just not feeling it yet or maybe you have your own fears and insecurities about saying it. Rest assured that there are more subtle but equally as meaningful ways to express your love to her.

Here are some ways to show your affection without coughing up that four-letter word:

  1. Support her decisions. If your girlfriend expresses the desire to go back to college, learn a new skill, or change jobs, show her some support. Your faith, trust, and belief in her will make her feel that you are truly invested in her happiness and her future. That is a true sign of love.

  2. Help her out with the practical things she can’t do herself. Yes, you have guessed correctly: these are all the manly tasks you could do on her behalf. These tasks might include mowing the lawn, changing the tires, painting the walls, or fixing the faucet. By doing these things for your girlfriend, you're showing you care about her security and happiness, and you're also displaying your usefulness and worth in practical matters, a winning combo for sure.

  3. Pay her a genuine compliment. Women can spot a fake compliment a mile away, like saying that she looks slim when she says she feels fat. But if you've been dating awhile, it's likely there's at least one great feature on her that you're attracted to. Whether paying a compliment to her physical looks or to a particular personality trait, you'll win extra points by making her feel special and good about herself. If you say it at a spontaneous or unexpected moment, even better.

  4. When she starts to nag, listen. One reason women become dramatic is because they want some form of positive attention and support. If you can let her nag without fighting back, and if you can truly listen and try to understand her side of things, she'll feel that she's being heard and respected. If you can step in as the problem-solver and ease her stress and concerns, you’ll score even more points.

  5. Spend more quality time with her. There is nothing better for a woman than a man who is willing to sacrifice his time to spend time with her. To choose her over hanging out with your buddies or going out solo is meaningful. There are the quality time basics like dinner or a movie, but if you find activities that you both enjoy, such as taking a small trip on the seaside, you will give her memories that she won’t easily forget.

  6. Flirt with her. Many men mistakenly think flirting is only necessary during the early stages of dating, but unless you want her to lump you in with the same old junk she's had in the past, keep on flirting. You don’t have to overdo it, of course, as it will make her think you have ulterior motives – just flirt with her when the opportunity arises, and keep it genuine.

It’s not rocket science to figure out you have to respect your girlfriend and honor her as person first without having to necessarily say the words, “I love you.” Actions sometimes speak louder than words, and these are just a few of the examples where that statement rings true. Show her how you feel, and she's likely to reciprocate.

Good luck!