dating game tips
  • | October 5, 2016
Getting back to the dating game after a painful break-up or a long dry spell can seem a bit overwhelming, especially if you have been through a different relationship status before for long and you have history of failed relationships sitting in your shoulders.

Things may seem a bit challenging at first, but once you know a few tips on how to proceed rightly and with no issues, the transition and whole process will be much easier. Here are the most basic ones:

  1. Take some time to heal and re-build your confidence. If you have just gotten out of failed relationship and you are still in pain or unsure on what to do next, don’t rush to return to the dating scene unless you are sure that you have learned your lessons and you are confident enough to do so. Women, unlike men, can smell desperation and rushed decisions from a mile and this will make them back off. There is no specific period on when you should start dating again—for some it takes a few months and for others it may take several months or even a couple of years before they can confidently re-enter the dating game. There really is no reason to rush—you’ll know you are ready when you are no longer in pain over your last relationship/s and you are open to meeting new people.

  2. Make an effort to find a new date without complaining about the whole thing. Many will complain that there are no good people out there when they actually haven’t made any real effort to seek someone. You may have had this excuse  years ago when means to meet someone were limited, but nowadays with the Internet and new dating apps and technologies, it’s virtually impossible not to find at least one person that will be willing to go out with you. If you join large dating sites like with thousands or even millions of members, there is a great chance you’ll find someone compatible easily and without much fuss.

  3. Sit down and ask yourself if you are a good dating material. You may have ignored the matter, but if you haven’t done a lot of self introspection and constructive criticism on things you could potentially fix to become both more attractive, confident, and a better person, you are not ready to go back to the dating scene. Things like that take some time and you’ll have to feel confident and mature enough before you re-enter the dating scene. If for example, you are jobless and still live with your parents or can’t afford new dates and a relationship, obviously, getting back to the dating scene is not a good thing.

  4. Learn from your buddies’ experiences. If you have many buddies around chances are, there will always be someone who has been through a similar situation. You could simply ask them on how they have handled the situation as well as some insider tips on how to get back to the game and meet girls. It will be equally rewarding for both of you.

Good luck.