The Vent


    • It started, when our new “holiday” dog decided that my wife’s shoes were more interesting than the rawhide. My wife’s response, think of it as a present that keeps on giving because she is now going shoe shopping. I’m dawghoused.

      By: diksha123, Posted: 10/01/18 02:31:07
    • It started when my girlfriend wanted to go see a romantic comedy. My response was sure, Everyone needs to be reminded about what a real, loving relationship looks like. I was only joking I’m DawgHoused.

      By: deepika123, Posted: 10/01/18 01:59:03
    • It started when my sister asked me to go in on a gift for our parent’s anniversary. We decided on a tickets to a play. My parents are conservative religious people and I know nothing about theater. I bought them two tickets to The Book of Mormon. I’m DawgHoused!

      By: fflex, Posted: 20/09/17 03:17:14
    • It started when I had to put my foot down on spending more money on more dance outfits that are only worn a couple of times. Now daughter and wife are demanding I stop spending money on golf balls because they are are only used for a couple holes before being lost. I’m DawgHoused.

      By: Barry, Posted: 20/09/17 03:06:15
    • It started when, I used some pretty juicy language in front of my kids. Like father, like son those exact words were repeated on the playground. Now we are both being sent to the principles office. I’m DawgHoused.

      By: Gogo, Posted: 18/09/17 19:36:43
    • It started when my ex-wife was 2 hours late picking up our kids. Now I am 1 hour late for dinner with my current wife. A dinner to celebrate our anniversary. Maybe this is a sign marriage is not for me. I’m DawgHoused.

      By: bearprint1, Posted: 18/09/17 19:23:18
    • It started when It started when, I got a speeding ticket. Unfortunately, I can’t afford the ticket as well as our planned anniversary night out. I am thinking jail time may be the easier punishment, I’m DawgHoused! I’m DawgHoused.

      By: Barry, Posted: 09/08/17 18:16:46
    • It started when I brought home 29 out 30 items on the shopping list. In my mind that is “A” work. However, my wife is the one that gives out passing grades. I have two choices, stay at home and fight or go back to the grocery store. I’m DawgHoused.

      By: DavidWilliams, Posted: 29/03/17 16:55:22
    • It started when I forget to pick up the kids. I had the pleasure of being yelled at by both my wife and my kids.  I like to think of it as yelling in stereo. I’m Dawghoused.

      By: admin, Posted: 22/02/17 01:03:01
    • It started when  I remembered Valentine’s Day but completely forgot the parent/teacher conference. I’m DawgHoused.

      By: admin, Posted: 15/02/17 01:55:57