The Vent

    • It started when I forget to pick up the kids. I had the pleasure of being yelled at by both my wife and my kids.  I like to think of it as yelling in stereo. I’m Dawghoused.

      By: admin, Posted: 22/02/17 01:03:01
    • It started when  I remembered Valentine’s Day but completely forgot the parent/teacher conference. I’m DawgHoused.

      By: admin, Posted: 15/02/17 01:55:57
    • It started when I needed to get eggs from the grocery store. Three trips later I finally brought home the correct eggs and a little attitude. I’m Dawghoused.

      By: BR, Posted: 15/02/17 01:49:46
    • It started when my boss asked me to stay late last Friday to finish up a report that he needed by Monday. Little did I know my girlfriend had cooked dinner and was waiting for me to get home. I’m DawgHoused.

      By: JohnSpence, Posted: 07/02/17 18:03:31
    • It started when my girlfriend yelled at me for using paper towels to dry off my hands. So I used her shirt instead. I’m DawgHoused.

      By: DavidWilliams, Posted: 06/02/17 12:34:35
    • It started when I signed my girlfriend up for a gym membership after hearing her complain for 6 months about how she needs to exercise. Now she’s mad at me because apparently I think she’s too fat. I’m DawgHoused.

      By: MichealSimons, Posted: 06/02/17 12:26:49
    • It started when my girlfriend threw out a box in my closet without looking inside to see my baseball card collection. 15 years of collecting in the trash. Her response? They’re just silly little cards that are taking up shoe space. I’m DawgHoused.

      By: LiamBaylylb, Posted: 06/02/17 12:08:20
    • It started when It started when my ex-wife told me she can’t watch our son this weekend because she needs “some space.” Space from what! Your responsibilities as a parent!? I’m DawgHoused.

      By: Andrewlily, Posted: 01/02/17 17:49:13
    • It started when my girlfriend asked me if I ever cleaned the bathroom and my response was “isn’t that why I have a girlfriend?” I’m DawgHoused!

      By: susan.gretz, Posted: 27/01/17 15:55:35
    • It started when my wife asked me to finally fix the leaky sink.  I grab my tools and shut-off the water.  3 minutes later she is complaining that the water isn’t running! I’m DawgHoused!

      By: jimmylaw, Posted: 27/01/17 15:43:59